Endometriosis Effect on Fertility

Endometriosis Effect on Fertility

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    Endometriosis is a problem in which tissue grows outside the uterus which needs to grow inside the uterus lining. It involves the Fallopian tube, ovaries, and tissue lining. Additionally, in some cases, it also affects fertility which makes it difficult to conceive. In this guide, we will discuss the endometriosis effect on fertility.

    According to the reports given by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the problem of endometriosis affects around 50% of the infertile women. Here we are going to discuss endometriosis and how does it affect fertility.

    • What is endometriosis?

    The problem is very common in women in which small tissues start growing outside the uterine cavity. Actually, these tissues grow inside the lining of the uterus. They can grow on the bladder, Fallopian tubes, abdomen lining, and ovaries.

    The problem affects millions of women all over the world, but it gets difficult to know as some women do not have any symptoms. If your mother or sister had it then there are high chances that you are also going to have it. Additionally, the condition is linked to infertility.

    • What are its symptoms?

    Actually, every woman has different symptoms. In some cases, women have severe pain whereas some feel normal. Most common symptoms are:

    • Painful or irregular period
    • Pelvic pain which lasts for 6 months or even more
    • Problem conceiving naturally
    • During or after sex you experience pain
    • Bowel movements are painful or pain emptying the bladder
    • Lower abdomen pain

    Some women also experience tiredness, coughing blood, or painful abdominal scar. If you are having a problem then make sure you seek the help of the doctor as they will let you know what exactly the problem you are facing.

    • How does it affect women’s fertility?

    The women who have endometriosis actually find it difficult to conceive naturally. However, if women have mild endometriosis then she is not infertile. According to research, around 70% of women with mild to moderate endometriosis can conceive successfully without the need for treatment. But, when the problem is very severe then you have to seek the help of the doctor as they can give you the best advice. Endometriosis affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and intestines. This makes it difficult to release the egg from the ovaries or the pick the eggs by the fallopian tubes. In most cases, IVF treatment is the best option.

    • Is it possible that it can get pregnant with endometriosis?

    Some can conceive naturally and some need treatment. We offer different treatment options like IVF, IUI, and egg donation. In case, you are having problem conceiving for six months or one year then schedule an appointment with a fertility doctor at our IVF centre.

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