Erectile dysfunction and age: Is there any close connection between the two?

Erectile dysfunction and age: Is there any close connection between the two?

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    ED and Age: Are these linked to each other?

    ED (Erectile dysfunction) is a part of aging, which means the older age group is more likely to get the same. But, some concerns about how you live your life can also create problems. In your old age, if you go through the problem of poor diet, being overweight, and dealing with health concerns like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological, and sleep problems, you might have ED. The situation demands prompt medical attention, and you should be careful in getting Erectile dysfunction treatment in Moga without hesitation. The excellence and skills of the medical experts are there to ease the entire process.

    Different age group having concern about ED

    ED is a common concern but requires prompt medical attention because it can affect sexual life and desires. If you notice ED is causing a hindrance to your sexual life, then do consult the experienced Sexologist in Moga to make everything work in a better manner. Now, let’s talk about how ED can affect the person of different age groups:

    ED among the age group of 20 to 45 years

    • When a young male has ED, the chances of having the condition are situational, stress, and behavioral concerns. Additionally, testosterone can go down, giving a chance to other possible symptoms.
    • The low testosterone level impacts the sexual drive and might be the sole reason for ED. in some cases, the testosterone level can drop to a great extent that there’s a need for testosterone replacement.
    • Sometimes obesity and sleep apnea can lead to ED. So, make sure to live a healthy lifestyle and discuss with the doctor the underlying cause.

    ED among the age group of 45 to 60 years

    • Heath conditions pose a greater risk of worsening the situation, like vascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
    • Diagnosed neuro conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease are the known causes of affecting the blood vessels. With that, there is a problem with the blood flow to the penis area.
    • Sleep apnea and high blood pressure can also be the reason for ED.

    It’s important to know the underlying medical condition of ED. When you get the medical assistance on time, the problem is easier to get under control, and you will know the necessary steps you have to take.

    ED among the age group of 60 years

    • With the increase in age, the chances of having health concerns are higher. The most common problems are diabetes and neuro and heart-related conditions. The increase in age should not be neglected, and you should get a proper medical check-up.
    • Studies have even pointed out that ED can be the reason for prostate cancer. The prevalence rate of prostate cancer is higher among middle-aged men. If that is the case, you need to get proper treatment.


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