Everything you should know about Intrauterine insemination treatment

Everything you should know about Intrauterine insemination treatment

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    Today we are going to facilitate our readers with the IUI treatment guide. There are different ways through which the IUI procedure can be carried out:

    What is IUI?

    IUI is a procedure that involves the washing of the sperms followed by the separation of the good sperms. When the best sperm are chosen based on their traits, then they are supposed to be directly injected into the uterus for the conception process.

    There are a couple of ways with which the IUI procedure can be performed:

    • Without hormonal medications
    • Natural cycle

    When the woman is not facing any irregularities in her periods and her menstrual cycle is not getting fluctuated, then the IUI procedure can be taken into account on the 12th to 15th day. During this phase, the egg is released which we all know as the ovulation period.

    • The patients who take this treatment

    Those patients who cannot do the intercourse owing to any kind of injury like the spinal cord injury are usually benefited from this procedure.

    • Monitoring

    The doctor will tell you about how you can track your ovulation cycle by keeping the basal body temperature into account.

    You will also have to make the changes in the vaginal mucous account.

    • Medical team

    The medical team will also monitor you with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests to know if there is any abnormality in the procedure.

    • With Hormonal medications

    Based on your medical condition and other important factors, the doctor may take the use of hormonal medication into account. The hormonal medication is taken into account for the stimulation of the ovulation cycle.

    Additional important information

    GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is released when the menstrual cycle just commences. This hormone triggers the pituitary gland to release an FSH hormone which helps in the preparation of the egg which will then be released for conception.

    What is an IUI Cycle?

    The doctor will commence your treatment with the Clomiphene Citrate that helps in the stimulation and the release of the GnRH which helps the egg to get released as mentioned above.

    How is Clomiphene Citrate to be intaken?

    This (Clomiphene Citrate) is a tablet which the individual is suggested to eat for consecutive five days. The doctor will guide you about when you should commence the consumption of this tablet.

    What if the Clomiphene Citrate produces unsuccessful results?

    If clomiphene citrate produces insignificant results, then gonadotropins may be taken into account. These are the synthetic form of the medication which helps to stimulate the FSH and can help in the purification of the human menopausal gonadotrophins. If doctors deem it necessary then they may suggest you intake the FSH tablet which also includes the LH.

    How is FSH tablet to be intaken?

    A pen-like device is used to administer the injection at the tummy or thigh subcutaneously.

    What is the risk of taking fertility medications?

    There is no risk to the health but the intake of fertility medications may trigger the development of more than one follicle. This is the apparent reason that the doctors keep you under proper observation and make sure that you are being monitored through ultrasound (Imaging test) or blood test.

    What if the doctor comes across the three developing follicles?

    If the doctor finds out that the three follicles are getting matured, then they may consider cancelling the IUI since it will not be able to produce the desired results.

    Isn’t it good if you have twins? Why do the doctors terminate the procedure?

    No doubt, being blessed with twins is the biggest happiness which a couple can ever face in their lives. But having twins through IUI particularly when the individual is at the edge of getting encountered with complications, is not a conducive situation. The chances for miscarriage and the low birth weight may become higher. We are sure, you would not like to have that.

    What is OHSS?

    OHSS is the abbreviated form of Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It comes under the category of a life-threatening condition. This is a medical condition that deteriorates the functioning of your ovaries by getting excessively stimulated because of the intake of fertility medications.

    What is AIH?

    AIH stands for Artificial insemination by the husband. It is the condition in which the male partner is asked to deliver the sample of the semen. Usually, the hospitals have a separate room in which the male partners can provide their semen sample. Before the sample is to be provided, it is suggested that the male partner should complete abstaining from the intercourse. Good quality semen can only be produced if the male does not have intercourse for two to three days before providing the sample.

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