Everything About Sperm Production

Everything About Sperm Production

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    Infertility is not only a problem of female, but this is also experienced by males due to some factors such as low sperm count and poor sperm health as well. If you are suffering from this condition, then must read this article carefully, because you will surely get the proper and detailed information about sperm cells and production.

    Sperm is the most important in order to enjoy parenthood because without sperm you will not be able to conceive a baby. Since fertilization only takes place if a male partner has good quality sperm, otherwise you will surely experience infertility. This infertility is not only experienced by female but male also experience infertility.

    Male infertility has several causes in which low sperm count or poor quality sperm is on the peak. In this case, you have to visit the doctor so that you can get the infertility treatment in order to get rid of infertility.

    How many days the sperm production take?

    You may not know that sperm takes 74 days to produce. Well, it takes 60 days to develop in the testicles, after this development the sperm move to the epididymis. And in the epididymis sperm takes almost 14 more days to mature. A recent study shows that there is Spermatogenesis process, that is responsible to make sperm in the body. This process starts when the brain releases the gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and this hormone is valuable to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland. And this hormone is useful for luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, both these hormones are responsible to carry blood to the testes.

    What quantity of sperm does the male body produce in a single day?

    Well, sperm production is decline with age, and older men has less capacity to produce healthy and good quality sperm due to over or low production of hormones. Since as we stated above hormones plays an important role in making sperm. In addition to this, the production of the sperm is based on several factors such as lifestyle habits like smoking, your nutrition, obesity, physical activity, medical conditions and so on.

    The life cycle of a sperm cell

    Recent research shows that when a male ejaculates sperm. It can die within minutes but it can be alive for 5 days, in the woman’s body. This only happens when a female produce cervical mucus and mucus is helpful to protect the sperm.

    Moreover, if you have low sperm count, then must go with healthy lifestyle habits and quit smoking because only this will help you improve the sperm cell quantity and health as well. Well, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy weight in order to increase the sperm cells and for good or healthy sperm as well.

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