Everything You must know about pelvic inflammatory disease

Everything You must know about pelvic inflammatory disease

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    Pelvic Inflammatory disease is a female reproductive organ infection. It occurs when the sexually transmitted disease spread from vagina to ovaries, fallopian tubes, or uterus. Although it does not result in symptoms or signs. Reda the given topic properly to understand the condition in a better way.

    PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease) is an infection that affects the female reproductive organ. The pelvis is made of ovaries, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tube. The problem is a very common condition and the condition is caused by different bacteria. Firstly, in vagina bacteria enters and infection is caused which reaches the pelvic area.

    Symptoms for PID

    It might be possible that the women do not have a symptom which can reflect that women are facing the problem. In some cases, there are symptoms like:

    • Pain in the lower or upper abdomen
    • Irregular bleeding
    • Fever
    • Pain during intercourse
    • Painful urination
    • Increased vaginal discharge has a foul smell

    If you are facing a problem then it is best that you seek help from your lady doctor as they will examine the problem and according to that treatment plan is given to you.

    Diagnosing the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Paying attention to the symptoms is essential. When you visit our gynae Punjab she will do a certain test to suspect the problem. Some of the tests which can help to detect the condition include:

    • Pelvic examination
    • Cervical culture to look for an infection
    • Urine test for any sign of cancer, blood, or any other problem
    • Pelvic ultrasound to check any type of damage
    • Pelvic ultrasound to check any type of damage
    • Laparoscopy

    If the problem is detected on time then it is very easy to treat the problem and recovery is also very smooth for the women. Pelvic Inflammatory disease affects 10 to 15 percent of women. In that case, they might also face problems conceiving. So, getting treatment as early as possible is essential, otherwise, it can trigger problems like:

    • Infertility
    • Chronic pelvic pain
    • Ectopic pregnancy

    Treating the condition of PID

    • Well, the women are prescribed medication like antibiotics to treat the condition. In case, the women are pregnant, facing health-issue, or have abscess then you should report your gynae Moga.
    • If there is an abscess in the pelvis then it will be treated by doing surgery. However, the condition is rare and it occurs when the abscess gets a break. Men are known to carry these bacteria silently which results in infection and during sexual contact, it is passed on.

    So, it is necessary that women pay attention if they encounter any problem mentioned or above or if they feel something is not normal. Consult our doctor at the right time to make sure you are healthy.

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