Everything you need to know about the male infertility treatment plan

Everything you need to know about the male infertility treatment plan

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    Male infertility is the condition when sperm is not generated or healthy sperm are not produced. Infertility is the condition diagnosed when a couple is trying to conceive for a long time but having difficulty doing it, irrespective of consistent sexual intercourse. This is where it is important on your part to get medical assistance from the best IVF Centre in Punjab. One such name is Gomti Thapar Hospital where Dr. Neelu Koura from more than 15 years has helped infertile patients to get the right treatment plan for infertility. To get the best infertility treatment plan visit our fertility clinic in Moga to boost your conception chances manifolds.

    Major reasons behind male infertility

    • Testicles veins are swollen irregularly
    • Chromosomal or genetic challenge
    • Sperm motility starts to get lower
    • Testosterone level gets lower along with other hormones
    • Psychologically the connection is extremely poor
    • Undergone treatment for cancer

    Symptoms behind male infertility

    One of the major symptoms is impotence which means not being able to keep an erection during sexual intercourse. Additional symptoms are retrograde ejaculation, chromosomal disorder, genetic problem, the issue with sperm production, and maybe some other health issue that impacts infertility.

    Different male infertility test

    • Sperm assessment
    • Physiological examination to better understand your health
    • Checking the hormone levels in the body
    • Performing the genetic laboratory tests
    • Doing ultrasound
    • Performing biopsy

    Treatment options for male infertility

    • Sperm retrieval
    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
    • IVF with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    • Sperm donation (In case male sperm are not healthy enough to fertilize the egg)
    • Medications and hormone therapy are suggested

    Is IVF treatment successful with low sperm count?

    As we have mentioned above the option of IVF with ICSI. In case, the sperm count is low or sperm appearance is not right then this option is suggested. So, the doctor will plan your treatment according to your current state.

    Is it possible to conceive with a low sperm count?

    Low sperm count is not going to stop you from being pregnant. There are infertility treatment options that boost your conception chances to a great extent. When you visit Gomti Thapar Hospital, you will be suggested the right treatment plan to suit your current state.

    Is it possible to cure low sperm count?

    Reproductive system infection can be cured with the intake of necessary medications. But, these medications are not going to help in any manner to recover fertility issues. In case, there is an issue of sexual intercourse then you will be suggested to get counseling or given medications.

    Is it possible to change the state from infertility to fertility?

    Studies have shown that around 15% of infertile males can get normal sperm count or you can say good in terms of health. Although, 97% of cases of infertility are not linked to hormones.

    Which medication is suggested to boost sperm count?

    Keeping the medications aside for a while, there are some scientific ways which you should try out to boost the sperm count & even male infertility like:

    • Include enough zinc in your diet
    • Eat maca root
    • Take vitamin C in the right amount
    • Control stress levels and get enough sleep
    • Make sure your body gets Vitamin D
    • Take supplements (but make sure to ask the doctor about the same)

    Can I get pregnant after my partner has got a vasectomy?

    Once the vasectomy is done, the male partner is not able to produce sperm that can fertilize a woman’s egg. In the case of vasectomy reversal, the sperm may be generated which might help the partner to conceive.

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