Everything you need to know about the painless normal delivery

Everything you need to know about the painless normal delivery

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    Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases in every woman’s life. Indeed! It’s an extremely different journey and lets the women experience a different kind of joy. To ensure the entire journey goes smoothly and any problems are well-managed, you need to consult the Gynecologist in Srinagar. Indeed! For first-time mothers, there is worry about handling the labor pain. But that’s not a problem anymore.

    All thanks to the revolutionary advancements of painless normal delivery, the entire approach has transformed into something better. With the epidural analgesia for painless delivery, the factor of pain is easy to manage, or you can say it’s on an acceptable level.

    Painless Normal Delivery

    Painless normal delivery includes regional anesthesia to offer relief from labor pain. The epidural is injected into the lower back that takes 10 to 15 minutes to show results. The approach is suitable for women who cannot handle the pain. So, make sure that you talk about the option of painless delivery treatment in Punjab with your gynecologist.

    Painless Normal delivery is possible for IVF patients

    Undoubtedly, the patients planning to undergo IVF will have thoughts about getting vaginal and painless normal delivery. Well! All that is possible, and you must visit one of the best IVF centers in Punjab. The expertise of the fertility doctor ensures everything is easily managed, and all such cases come under high-risk labor cases.

    Procedure to administer epidural anesthesia

    For administering anesthesia, you need to sit still and arch back. The doctor inserts a thin tube into the lower part of the spinal cord. Once the needle will be removed it’s taped to administer anesthesia. As you enter labor, the pelvic area gets numb, and everything below it remains conscious. Bear in mind that there’s nothing like 100% pain relief. The epidural makes it easier for women to endure labor pain.

    Benefits of Epidural Anesthesia

    • Epidural anesthesia increases the chances of natural childbirth without any major medical intervention. Moreover, the painless normal delivery significantly reduces the total number of C-section cases in India.
    • If a woman is having difficulty managing the labor pain or feels like getting exhausted with all the pushing & other stuff, then epidural works perfectly.
    • Controlling or managing pain levels allows the women to focus better on the delivery. So, regarding managing relaxation and balancing irritation levels, childbirth through painless normal delivery is the preferred choice.
    • With painless normal delivery, it’s much easier to manage blood pressure which usually gets higher with normal delivery.

    Final word

    The approach of painless normal delivery has brought a lot of difference. And if you would like to know more about the same, schedule an initial consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital.

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