Factors That Affect IVF Success Rate

Factors That Affect IVF Success Rate

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    IVF treatment is designed for infertile couples in which you have to face 4 phases. Many people claim that they did not get success from IVF procedure. If you are still disappointed then visit Gynecologist in Moga once, our doctors guide you about the success factors of infertility treatment. Since the success of infertility treatment depends on various factors such as your age, the reason behind fertility problem, quality of eggs, previous pregnancy, and lifestyle habits.

    Let’s understand how these factors affect IVF success.

    Egg quality

    Egg quality and donor eggs play an important role in the success of IVF. In addition, using eggs or embryos of any younger lady will surely increase your chances of pregnancy. Since donor eggs are also essential for conception because if you are at your 35 or 40s then the success is higher because Gynae in Moga use donor eggs of the young lady so that you can get the successful results.


    Age is considered as the main factor in order to measure the success of IVF treatment. If you are too young and having IVF then your chances of pregnancy are too high. Whereas ladies who are at their 35s or 40s may take more time to conceive due to poor egg quality. Because in this treatment your surgeon uses your own eggs for fertilization. And old age people do not produce healthy eggs and sperm cells. So this is the main factor which may affect your chances of conception.

    Type of Fertility Problems

    The success of your infertility treatment also depends on the reason or type of fertility problem. If you had any type of serious fertility issue then your chances of pregnancy may fluctuate. Moreover, the success of infertility treatment depends on ovulation and if you are suffering from ovulation disorders then you may take more time to get pregnant.

    Lifestyle Habits

    Your lifestyle habits also affect the chances of success of infertility treatment. If you are regular smoker then your chances of success decline. In order to improve your chances of success, you have to quit smoking and liquor immediately. Moreover, you should also stick to a healthy diet full of minerals and fibers so that you can conceive easily with IVF.

    Fertility Clinic

    The success of your treatment additionally depends on your surgeon or the skills of the surgeon. Make sure you choose only skilled or the best surgeon who will contribute to the success of infertility treatment and are able to implant only healthy embryos so that you can conceive easily.

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