Why do you feel pain during sex? How to make your sex life pleasurable?

Why do you feel pain during sex? How to make your sex life pleasurable?

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    Sex is usually said to be a union of the two bodies. But what if that union does not give you pleasant experiences. The encounter with pain usually leads to unpleasant experiences. This could be the probable reason why women tend to avoid sex. It has been observed that the pain during sex usually comes out owing to the problem in the pelvic floor. Due to this, the libido may decrease and the women never get sexually aroused as the sexual drive is significantly affected.

    So today we are going to shed light on the following topic


    Why should you do something about the pelvic problem?

    Sex is supposed to be something pleasurable. It is something which both the partners should enjoy equally and feel the urge to take it even longer. So why should you let something destroy your mood and thus your partner’s?

    So lets us get to know how can we resolve this problem:

    Usually, if you go to the doctors, they will always suggest some of the exercises that can help the muscles of the pelvic floor to get relaxed. These exercises can be done alone without the help of the trainer, coach or any equipment. The only thing which requires is determination.

    Diaphragmatic Breathing

    For the ideal functioning of the muscles, it is required that the diaphragm and the pelvic muscles work in synergy. The synergy ensures that the pain decreased to a huge extent:

    Follow the following steps, to effectively attain the required posture:

    • Step1: Placement of the hands

    Place your left hand on the chest and the right hand on your belly.

    • Step 2: Counting

    You have to take a deep breath and count to three. Once inhaled, exhale it out to be relaxed.

    How does this work?

    The inhalation is responsible for the relaxation of the pelvic floor, while the exhalation may lead you to the resting state. Doing this practice for 5 to 10 minutes each day for several months can help you to make those moments even more special.

    Pelvic Girdle Stretches

    • Step 1: Slowly open your knees in the horizontal expansion
    • Step 2: Broaden your chest by making your shoulders go back
    • Step 3: Take your knees to the armpits

    Important tip

    To give support to your knees, you can place your hands underneath the knees. But make sure that the ankles and knees are not making a straight line. Try to keep your knees upwards or over your knees.

    Adductor Stretching

    • Step 1: Stay in the relaxed position

    Lie on your back, place your knees under your tummy and join the soles of the feet altogether.

    Tip to remember

    This is a one step-pelvic-relaxation exercise. If you are experiencing the pulling along with the following, when you can surely take the help of the pillows:

    • Inner thighs
    • Pubic bones

    Piriformis Stretching

    • Step 1: Bend your knees and lie on your back ( as we have discussed in the aforesaid points)
    • Step 2: The left ankle should be placed above the right knee. It will make the number 4.
    • Step 3: This stretching will be done. You should try to pull your right thigh in the position that makes it get near to the chest.

    This exercise should be done in gap intervals of 30-30 seconds.

    What else can you do?

    If after following the above-mentioned exercises, you are still facing the problem then you should consult the gynaecologist. Maybe it is happening because of some health disorder. With the help of the diagnostic tests, the gynaecologist will let you know whether the problem is caused by some abnormality in the reproductive organs or is because of the lack of foreplay.

    Yes you heard it right

    Foreplay is necessary for pleasant sex. Both the partners should pulse each with cuddles, kisses, hand massages etc. When the male partner is touching the female to sexually arouse her, then she encounters the natural lubrication which helps with the smooth strokes.

    Bottom Line

    If there is a problem in the muscles of the pelvic floor, then the reduction in the natural reduction can come out as a problem. Getting lubricated while having sex is advisable for pleasurable sex.

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