What are the top tips given by fertility experts to improve the chances of IVF success?

What are the top tips given by fertility experts to improve the chances of IVF success?

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    Given below are some of the tips shared by our fertility expert from the best IVF centre in Punjab to increase the success chances:

    • Keep your body weight normal

    For increasing the IVF success, you need to keep your body weight stable. Research has shown that, if a woman is overweight or underweight it takes time to conceive successfully. If the woman is underweight or overweight it impacts the success rate negatively. Keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) under control. Ask the fertility expert to guide you about the tips to keep the weight under control. By following the doctor’s advice the success rate improves.

    • Make changes in your lifestyle

    Working on improving psychological and physiological health can lead to a positive effect on your IVF cycle. Before or during the treatment, you need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol as it is not beneficial for your health in any way.

    You need to eat a healthy and blanched diet. Make sure to avoid junk and oily food. Every day, follow an exercise routine and ask the doctor how much weight you can put on your body.

    • Look for an experienced and skilled fertility doctor

    This is an important part while planning to undergo the treatment. You can choose the fertility doctor and clinic for undergoing IVF treatment. Make sure to consult the doctor who has years of experience and has the increased success chances of IVF treatment.

    The best clinic will have the improved and latest technology that increases the success rate to a great extent. Every clinic’s success rate is not the same, so make sure to do some research.

    • Take the necessary supplements

    Consumption of important multivitamins is important during pregnancy. The health supplements are important as they increase the folate, iron, and calcium in the body that increases the success chances of IVF. You can consult the fertility expert about how much you need to take. Determining the exact level of minerals and vitamins your body needs leads to an improved success rate.

    • Selecting the right technique

    When you consult an experienced and skilled fertility expert, you can rest assured you will be given the right technique and methods. IVF clinics in India have all the improved methods and treatments for addressing infertility issues. Moreover, the treatment is available at an affordable rate.

    • Selection of Individualized protocol

    Every patient’s fertility condition is different from others. When you consult the fertility expert, she will understand the problem you are having and give you a personalized approach. It means the IVF protocols are combined that improve the test results to a great extent. Selecting the right amount of eggs to the healthiest embryo will improve the success rate.

    • Genetic testing is important

    Preimplantation genetic testing is done on the 5th or 6th day to select the healthiest embryo. The healthiest embryos are chosen for implantation. If there is an issue with the embryo then it won’t be selected for the treatment.


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