Fertility Factors that Impact your Pregnancy

Fertility Factors that Impact your Pregnancy

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    When a woman is trying to conceive she often has different questions going in her mind. At that time you need to consider various things like weight, diet, fertility test, supplements, and many more. Certainly, there are different fertility factors that can affect pregnancy. In this topic, we are going to tell you this in detail.

    Here are a few important factors that can affect fertility when you are trying to conceive.

    Will overweight problems impact pregnancy negatively?

    Weight can affect fertility negatively as it increases the risk of stillbirth and miscarriage. With the increase in weight issue of ovulation or hormonal imbalance can also get triggered as insulin level rises.

    In the same way, if the women are underweight then also fertility can get impacted. So, it is important for the women who are trying to conceive to keep the weight according to BMI so that they do not the problem. Overweight women will not be getting the essential nutrients she needs for ovulation or it can increase further complications.

    In case you are undergoing the IVF then your IVF doctor will suggest you keep the weight normal.

    Is it important to take fertility supplements to conceive?

    Supplements are helpful when you choose the right. When a patient visits the IVF centre we make sure they are given the right information so that it helps them to improve their conception chances. According to your condition, the fertility doctor will suggest the right option.

    When should I stop trying on my own and seek medical help?

    Age plays an important factor when you are trying to conceive. If the women are below 35 then she should try for one year and seek help. In case the women are above 35 then try for 6 months and then seek help.

    In case there are issues like irregular menstrual cycle, extremely painful period cramps, undergone pelvic surgery, or endometriosis surgery.

    How it is possible evaluation is normal but I cannot get pregnant?

    Around 10% of couples with infertility have got normal testing but they are not able to find the exact reason. In most cases, the medications are given at the start of the Clomid or treatment option of IUI. In advanced cases, IVF is suggested by the doctor when the reason is not known or even for any other issue.

    Are genetics an important factor in fertility?

    Yes, genetics plays an essential role in determining fertility. In certain cases, there are high chances of passing down from mother to daughter which affect your ability to conceive. Even if you are healthy, there are chances that you might be having certain genetic mutations.

    So, make sure that you get yourself screened from the doctor at the right time so that the right treatment option can be given to you.

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