Fertility Problems In Males: How Does IVF Work For Male Infertility?

Fertility Problems In Males: How Does IVF Work For Male Infertility?

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    Infertility is a term used to describe the inability of a couple to conceive a baby naturally. This condition does not only happen due to fertility problems in ladies but also because of male fertility problems. If a male partner is suffering from sperm problems, then it is natural that they experience male infertility.

    It may be disappointing to hear that you have a small sperm count, but it doesn’t have to deter you from being a father of a healthy baby. Our fertility doctors have specialization to treat patients with less than 10 million motile sperm. For this, you have to visit our IVF center in Punjab. Indeed, the lower the sperm count, the more possible it is for men to be approved by our team for in vitro fertilization. Because This treatment is not only for ladies, but also treats male infertility and couples overcome a low sperm count.

    Why do you need to undergo IVF treatment for male infertility?

    Motile sperm numbers equal to 10 million per mL are less likely to end in childbirth. This is necessary for male infertility patients who use IUI such as intrauterine insemination as well as timed intercourse, to undergo IVF treatment. As this is the only treatment, which gives you better results as compared to others. 

    Furthermore, by using IVF our embryologists can implement an advanced laboratory technique. This procedure involves the injection of sperm through ICSI like intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This involves one healthy sperm being injected into each egg. This phase also improves a couple’s chances of producing stable embryos to pass to men as part of IVF.

    What are the steps for men to get in vitro fertilization?

    For male infertility, IVF involves multiple steps for men and women alike. Our fertility doctors will guide every patient carefully through this exciting, family-building process. The steps of IVF treatment includes-:

    • First of all, your specialist recommends hormone supplements to your female partner to stimulate the ovaries. This is beneficial to produce healthy eggs for the fertilization process. With hormone supplements, your lady will be able to produce healthy as well as a large number of eggs.

    • The woman must undergo a brief, outpatient procedure to extract her mature eggs before fertilization in the clinical lab.

    • Eggs will be combined in the clinical laboratory with sperm that the male partner has provided to our specialists. They may go with an ICSI procedure to assist in the process of fertilization.

    • One of our Fertility Physicians will transfer the developed embryos to the female partner’s uterus for pregnancy. And then need to wait to monitor your partner for pregnancy.

    • You have to visit a fertility center more than twice because all the steps are performed in a clinical lab.

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