Fibroids And Its Impact On Sex Life

Fibroids And Its Impact On Sex Life

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    Uterine fibroids are the condition of the uterus which badly affects the sex life of women. There are various signs of fibroids such as obesity, pelvic pain, weakness, and heavy menstrual bleeding. In this situation, you need to visit the doctor in order to get the best treatment.

    Uterine Fibroids are explained as tumors which are basically a combination of muscle cells and connective tissues. In addition, this is the condition of women, and these are developed in the uterus. Due to which they will be unable to perform day-to-day activities. There are various symptoms of uterine fibroids which can significantly affect everyday activities and life. One of the most common signs is that fibroids badly affect your sexual health and life as well.

    Well, it is not especially risky to have fibroids but it can even a very uncomfortable condition, which leads to pain and another type of problems. There are some more symptoms of fibroids such as-:

    • Weakness
    • Pelvic pain
    • Obesity
    • Heavy bleeding during periods.

    These all the signs can lead various ladies to physical and mental issues due to which many ladies avoid sex, because of fibroids. Due to this, you need to consult the gynae in Punjab for fibroid treatment, Otherwise, it will lead you to severe conditions.

    Symptoms of fibroids during sex

    Pelvic and Cervical Pain

    You will surely experience the negative effects of fibroids during sex but it depends on the location of the fibroids. Fibroids that develop along the lining of the uterus can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, and these are known as submucosal fibroids. In addition, uneasiness, discomfort, weakness, and embarrassment can make anybody uninterested to take part in sex. Whereas, Fibroids which are situated at the external surface are known as subserosal fibroids. And these type of fibroids leads to severe pain in the pelvic nerves. Due to this, the majority of say no to sex which affects their relationships and creates misunderstandings.

    Heavy menstrual bleeding and weakness

    Heavy menstrual bleeding is another main symptom of fibroids which affect your desire for intercourse. In addition to this, heavy bleeding not only responsible for mood changes but also leads to iron and hemoglobin deficiency. And then this condition is known as anemia, which leads to weakness, nausea, and discomfort. In this situation, you should immediately visit the doctor so that you can reduce the risk of a serious condition.


    Uterine Fibroids results in excessive weight or obesity. Which cannot be treated with the help of physical activities. You may need to go through any type of medical procedure in order to treat fibroids and only then you will be able to get rid of overweight.

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