Foods that Improve Egg Quality

Foods that Improve Egg Quality

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    Egg quality matters a lot, whether you are going with natural conception or IVF conception. A good quality egg is beneficial for healthy fertilization as well as pregnancy. Here, in this guide, we are going to tell you how important egg quality is and what to eat or avoid for a healthy pregnancy.

    Good quality of eggs is useful to give you positive results about conception. If you have good quality eggs, you will surely experience healthy fertilization and implantation as well. Not only this, but you will also able to deliver a healthy baby. You may not know that there are certain factors that affect egg quality. If you are suffering from any type of fertility problem, they must talk to IVF doctor. For this, you need to visit the IVF centre, so that he can examine you well. He may recommend you to go through IVF treatment, that is a safe and secure procedure for those who are experiencing infertility.

    Well, you may not know that your body gets nutrients from the food you consume. If you are consuming too much spicy or oily food, it may affect your hormones and ability to produce healthy eggs as well. In this case, you need to follow a below-mentioned eating regimen, so that you can be able to produce healthy eggs for healthy fertilization and implantation as well.

    • You must avoid trans fat foods.
    • Go with plenty of fruit and vegetables, that contain enough minerals, fibers, and nutrients.
    • You must consume organic foods if possible
    • It is necessary to reduce your sugar intake
    • Consume organic eggs and fish than red meat
    • Do not go with preservatives and processed foods as well.

    You also need to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption, because these affect your hormones and reproductive tract, that are valuable to produce healthy eggs. In addition to this, you also maintain a healthy weight, because being overweight leads to many problems including poor egg quality.

    Foods to Improve Egg Quality

    Sesame Seeds

    You may not be aware of it that sesame seeds provide you more zinc that is useful to produce healthy eggs. These are not only rich in zinc but also contain a high quantity of monosaturated fats. These both the nutrients are useful to balance your hormones and production of eggs.

    Green leafy vegetables

    Green leafy vegetables are rich in essential nutrients, minerals, fibers, and folate. It is necessary for you to consume two portions of vegetables a day.

    Lentils and Beans

    You must go with kidney beans and lentils, that provide you enough iron. Iron is an essential nutrient to produce healthy eggs for fertilization.

    Moreover, you must consume berries as well, because these also contain vitamins and minerals that give you the strength to produce healthy eggs.

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