Everything you need to know about the genetic carrier screening

Everything you need to know about the genetic carrier screening

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    The couples who are deliberately planning to conceive often have this question in their mind, ‘Is my baby going to be healthy?’ No doubt the chances of having a safe and sound pregnancy are possible in many cases but sometimes there is a certain risk of getting a genetic disorder. The situation seems to create a factor of stress and that happens when the individual is not having a proper understanding of the situation. This is where it’s essential to get the expertise from one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab and get yourself a treatment that makes your pregnancy journey go with ease.

    What is the need for genetic carrier screening?

    DNA is filled with a lot of abnormalities and this is something that people are not aware of. Studies have shown that if the offspring gets some problem then there are some chances it will lead to an impactful situation. This is where the best IVF centre suggests the option of getting ‘Genetic Carrier Screening’.

    This test is done when the IVF treatment begins. The procedure includes checking the egg & sperm so that the embryo creation is done properly. Here are how genetic carrier screening is done:

    • Blood test
    • Saliva test

    If you’re planning for an IVF cycle then better seek assistance from one of the leading fertility doctors. During initial consultation make sure to ask about the Test Tube Baby cost In Moga and how will be the genetic screening test cost.

    How much time does it take to get the genetic carrier screening test results?

    It takes around 2 weeks to finalize the results.

    How is the PGT test done when an egg donor is used?

    For the heterosexual couple, the embryos will be checked through PGT-M testing. In case an egg donor is used then it’s essential to check whether you are a good egg donor candidate or not. The main aim of these tests is to check the egg & sperm health so that there is no risk of them getting to the baby.

    Did you know?

    • PGS new name is ‘PGT-A’.

    • PGD new name is ‘PGT-M’.

    How are PGT-A & PGT-M tests different?

    The most important consideration here is to not confuse the PGT-A & PGT-M tests. No doubt, their key consideration is to check the mutations & diseases which are much needed while doing the tests. Through the PGT-A tests around 23 chromosome pairs are checked which helps in checking the numerical & structural issues.

    While the test’s main aim is to not be only performed when there is a rare issue. Additionally, there is a need for using an effective panel in which egg & sperm samples are taken.

     Important NOTE!

    No matter which tests you are suggesting, it’s done following embryo creation but implantation is not done. Although, even if the test results are negative the risk of embryos having chromosome abnormalities is higher.

     What does a carrier mean in genetic disorders?

    The term carrier does not donate if you have a problem. It shows that there is some risk or you have the issue. Being a carrier won’t affect your health. The entire situation is better managed when you schedule an initial consultation with one of the leading fertility experts.

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