IVF Case study: Couple with Unexplained infertility

IVF Case study: Couple with Unexplained infertility

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    When Sumati Tandon could not conceive even after one year of trying, the couple knew there could be a problem with their fertility. They went ahead with IUI of which they availed three cycles but they gained nothing. They were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, which made them visit a fertility specialist with little hope. The fertility specialist offered IVF in the form of advice which seemed to be the only option left. That is when they decided to take their treatment one step further under the care of an IVF doctor.

    Why us?

    Sumati was the right age at 29 for conceiving naturally but fate willed otherwise. Her decision to opt for IVF took her in the right direction as she still had bright chances due to her age being less. A lawyer by profession, she didn’t have to reschedule everything for the fertility treatment to begin. Our clinic is known for accommodating professional clientele’s hectic schedule with the demands of the treatment. The flexibility offered by us is a boon for working couples. Sumati never had to miss even a single hearing on the days she had an appointment. We offer early morning appointments so that your professional life is least affected by the highly demanding procedure of IVF. So we are the epitome of modern fertility treatment clinics that help the infertile couples achieve both work-life balance and a bundle of joy in their arms!

    Well, that is not the only plus point. The staff at our place knows what pain the infertile couples feel and each one of the staff members extends warmth and comfort to the patient and her partner.

    The Treatment

    At the clinic, Sumati underwent a cycle of IVF along with PGS (Pre Imapnatattion Genetic screening). The procedure was performed after discussing Sumati’s medical history and the possible outcomes. Once the eggs were retrieved, the couple had six embryos of which they decided to transfer the best one.

    The Expectations of expecting

    Sumati was thrilled to receive the phone call from her doctor who broke the news of her pregnancy to her. Finally, her dream was on its way!

    Life as a mother 

    Now, Sumati and her husband Veer play parents happily to their daughter Sonakshi who turned 6 months just 2 days ago. They are hopeful of getting another transfer done in about 3 years from now so that Sonakshi has a sibling. Of course, they have their embryos waiting for them at our clinic. What do they advise to other infertile couples?” Trust in IVF, and of course, our clinic does it the best way”.

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