IVF Embryo Transfer: Guide on hCG level after the embryo transfer

IVF Embryo Transfer: Guide on hCG level after the embryo transfer

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    In-between the journey, when you visit the IVF Centre in Punjab, you must have heard the term hCG. Well, hCG is an integral part of the IVF cycle. The term stands for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.’ The hormone is checked by performing the pregnancy test once the frozen or fresh embryo IVF treatment cycle is done. Let me clarify everything properly in this blog for you.

    hCG: An essential part of the IVF cycle

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone produced by the cells present around the embryo, which further takes the form of the placenta. hCG is accountable for keeping the progesterone level at the right level, and it’s something that maintains fetal and uterine growth. Here’s the breakdown of the hCG level:

    • Initially: The hCG levels are high
    • Decrease after three months
    • Initial four weeks: Gets doubled every 48 to 72 hours
    • Reach the peak stage around 8 to 11 weeks

    The hCG level plays an integral part for the first trimester as this is the right way to make your embryo develop properly. The doctor will check your hCG level at the Test Tube Baby Centre In Moga once everything is effectively done and the IVF cycle has reached the necessary stage which is needed to be.

    Why is a two-week wait critical after IVF?

    The 14 days or two-week wait happens after the embryo transfer is done. In the given time frame, you must follow the necessary suggestions given by the doctor to ensure the implantation is done correctly and the embryo growth goes in the way it should be.

    Additionally, if you have chosen to get fresh embryo transfer, then hCG trigger shots are given to boost the stimulation phase for increasing the count of healthy eggs. Waiting for this much period is all-important to get the necessary results you are looking for.

    hCG level: Fresh Embryo Transfer

    hCG shots effectively boost egg maturation, but their presence in the body is not more than 5 to 14 days. So, while the image is present in the body, it’s all essential to take the necessary right there and then ensure the further steps go with utmost ease.

    hCG level: Frozen Embryo Transfer

    In the case of frozen embryo transfer, trigger shots are not given. Therefore, it won’t be much of an issue in this case. Although, it’s still important to wait for two weeks to ensure the desired results are obtained.

    hCG level

    • Negative pregnancy test: Level under 5 mIU/ml
    • Positive pregnancy test: Level 25 mIU/ml

    How do fresh and frozen embryos transfer hCG levels differently?

    It’s seen that fresh embryo transfer has a faster rate of this hormone than frozen embryo transfer. Although, there might be elevated hormone levels as the trigger shot is given, which leads to stimulation.

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