Healthier Sperms in Cooler Months: Is it a Myth?

Healthier Sperms in Cooler Months: Is it a Myth?

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    A good sperm count helps a couple to conceive a healthy baby naturally without any problem. If you are trying to conceive but do not get success, then you must try to conceive in the winter season. A study shows that males are able to produce too much healthy sperm in the winter season.

    Several couples are struggling to conceive and wonder what to do to improve their chances of conception. Have you ever heard from relatives or old people that it is too simple to conceive a baby in cooler months or early spring? To know the logic behind this, you need to read this entire article.

    Does temperature affect sperm production and fertility?

    Yes, a recent study shows that temperature plays an important role in sperm production. The study also reveals that too much high temperature will surely damage your sperm. Males who are taking too many saunas, surely experience sperm motility and count problems. A good sperm count is too beneficial to conceive a baby naturally. If you are facing fertility issues, then you have to visit the IVF centre for a check-up.

    Is it possible to conceive a baby in the winter season?

    According to the report of the American Journal of obstetrics and gynecology, almost 6500 males are suffering from semen problems. Additionally, researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found a marked difference in sperm quality in the winter season. Male produces a good quality sperm in cooler months as compared to the summer season.

    In the winter season, males produce 70 million sperm per milliliter of semen and this sperm has fast motility, which is valuable for conception. This makes it too easy for couples to conceive a baby naturally.

    Whereas, in the summer season, males produce low quality sperm because too hot weather affects their ability to produce healthy sperm. This only happens due to hormonal variations due to weather and certain other seasons.

    So, if you want to conceive a baby, then you must try in the winter season. You will surely get the best as well as positive results.

    Ways to improve sperm health.

    • If you are unable to produce healthy sperm, then you must start practicing certain exercises daily. These will help you to regulate hormone levels.
    • You must start taking enough vitamin c to improve sperm health.
    • You may not know stress leads to fertility problems. So, you have to reduce stress in order to improve sperm production.
    • You can also try fenugreek seeds, these are helpful to regulate testosterone levels and lose weight.
    • Quit smoking is another way to increase sperm count. Or you must limit your alcohol consumption, as it affects sperm motility.

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