Heavy Periods – Shall I see a Gynae or Doctor?

Heavy Periods – Shall I see a Gynae or Doctor?

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    Every month women have to deal with the pain and discomfort of periods. Also on the first two days, the bleeding is heavy. But, in some cases, the flow of blood is very heavy that it can even affect the quality of life. In this guide, you should see a gynae to get the treatment.

    For every woman, the menstrual flow is different but there are certain changes in which seeking help of the doctor is very essential. Women with the heavy menstrual flow have to struggle a lot. From the start of the day to night you will be facing lots of difficulties. But does this indicate a medical condition which needs treatment?

    What do heavy periods indicate?

    Indeed this can indicate that you are facing some health issues. Even if there is no issue it can crimp your lifestyle. Another issue is that heavy blood flow can lead to iron deficiency which is also a major health concern. This is the reason our gynecologist always suggest that seek medical help as early as possible.

    Studies have shown that many women complain about having intense bleeding. This problem is not always caused by illness but stress or traveling can affect it temporarily.

    What the medical reasons for heavy menstrual bleeding?


    Women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer when they past menopause. It is essential that whether the bleeding is heavy or not get an evaluation from your gynae.

    Irregular Ovulation

    In some cases, women do not ovulate on time. This means the lining of the uterus becomes thick and when it sheds it makes the blood flow heavy.

    Fibroids and Polyps

    They affect the blood flow as they start growing in and around the uterus.


    There are certain medications like blood thinners and aspirin can lead to blood thinning.

    What is considered a heavy period?

    • If you think the blood flow is heavy on the first day then the doctor will evaluate it through a certain method.
    • If you need there is the need of changing the pad every night or putting double pads. In some cases, the women feel like wearing both path and tampon.
    • One of the factors is that bleeding lasts for more than one week. It is important to get an evaluation if you change the pad after every 3 to 4 hours.

    Is heavy bleeding stopped by birth control pills?

    Birth control pills are taken to regulate the heavy flow. There are some pills which can stop the period completely. The oral contraceptives are given when the heavy bleeding is caused by PCOS, fibroids, or ovulation problem.

    Getting the Diagnosis

    Seek help from our Lady Doctor in Punjab. She will discuss your entire medical history and according to that give you the best treatment plan.

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