7 FAQs about Hernia answered by Dr Ashish Koura (Urologist)

7 FAQs about Hernia answered by Dr Ashish Koura (Urologist)

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    A hernia is a very common thing that every 1 in 5 people suffers from. When you experience that a bulge is getting shaped in either the abdomen or the groin, then it would be high time that you must get it treated. Don’t worry, Hernia Treatment in Punjab is available at reasonable prices.

    1. What is a hernia?

    The particular muscular wall that is accountable for keeping all the abdominal organs in place experiences the hernia if the peritoneum is having a weakness or a hole.

    1. Can Hernia be painful?

    In some cases, it does not even make the person feel that he is having it. While on the other hand, some people do feel the discomfort and pain of having it.

    1. How many types of hernias can be there?

    Hernia can be of many types:

    Femoral Hernia

    It creates a bulge below the area where your groin is placed. The women are much more likely to get it. Corroborate, that bulge is not restricted to stay at its place. It may reach the scrotum as well.

    Hiatus Hernia

    It is usually caused in the upper part of the stomach. It does push the abdominal cavity to reach the chest.

    Periumbilical Hernia

    The belly button may also experience a bulge causing the umbilical hernia to show itself.

    Incisional Hernia

    If a person has ever undergone abdominal surgery in the past, then the incisional hernia may appear through that scar of the sutures.

    1. Most asked Question: Can a hernia cause infertility?

    In very rare cases like 1 in 1000 cases, the hernia may cause the couple to suffer from infertility issues. But medical science has advanced significantly and there is a solution for each and everything. If the hernia is preventing you to enjoy parenthood by hindering your reproductive capabilities, then you may visit an  IVF Centre in Punjab to get through the situation.

    1. What causes it?

    In usual cases, no possible reason for the hernia emerges. The risk for the person to get hernia increases with age.

    Please Note: The emergence of this bulging problem (hernia) is more likely in men than women.

    Here are some other causes which you must know and thus avoid doing:

    • Straining On The Toilet

    • Enlarged Prostate

    • Cough

    • Cystic Fibrosis

    • Straining To Urinate

    • Being Obese

    • Excessive Accumulation Of Abdominal Fluid

    • Peritoneal Dialysis

    • Smoking

    • Lifting Heavy Items

    • Poor Nutrition

    • Intense Exhaustion

    • Undescended Testicles

    1. Do I have a choice for the treatment of hernia?

    Yes, you surely have. It will be completely your decision whether you want to get it treated on its own or you[ want to undergo corrective surgery.

    1. What are the most used surgical options for hernia treatment?

    Though the choice of the surgical options, heavily depend on the location of the hernia, but yet there are two surgeries that are most predominantly performed for hernia treatment:

    • Open Surgery

    • Keyhole Surgery (Laparoscopic Operation)

    Wrap Up!

    If the hernia is bothering you as well, Gomti Thapar Hospital is there for you to be in this battle of defeating HERNIA.

    One right step from your side (Visiting us) can make you say Bye-Bye to it.

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