How Exactly Does Kidney Stone Forms?

How Exactly Does Kidney Stone Forms?

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    Naturally, urine has crystals present in it. This is because there are some substances which start the formation of crystals. If there is a pain then you should seek the help of the doctor. In this guide, we will tell you how the kidney stones are formed and how the process of kidney stone start.

    Why do the stones start forming in the kidney?

    Every person form crystals in the urine, even if someone has not to face the issue of kidney stone. Urine which the kidneys produce contains some kind of natural substance which helps in promoting the formation of the crystals. The stone promoters include sodium, phosphorus, uric acid, oxalate, and calcium. It also contains cysteine in those cases which are dealing with the inherited issue known as cystinuria,

    All these stone-promoting compounds are present in the urine which comes from the bloodstream. This is because the kidney helps in filtering the blood as well as regulating it which will tell how much will be reabsorbed by the urinary constituents (this is putting back the blood circulation) or it might get eliminated in the form of waste material.

    Apart from these stone promoters urine naturally contains protein as well as other compounds.

    Some of the examples of stone inhibitors in urine are given below:

    Total Urine Volume (If the urine is produced in more quantity then it will be less concentrated and chances to get supersaturated will be less.)

    • Magnesium
    • Proteins
    • Phytate
    • Pyrophosphate
    • Citrate

    All the molecules are collectively known as urinary macromolecules. These things support the process of eliminating the crystals before they even get attached to the kidney and then grow themselves into stones of larger size.

    How the stone is formed? 

    The tiny crystals will start growing into larger stones when the urine becomes supersaturated. Well, there are different reasons for this:

    • Low urine volume
    • Low concentration of stone inhibitors which is abnormal
    • The high concentration of stone promoters which is abnormal
    • Any combination of the above

    Under normal situations, there is a balance between urinary stone promoters and inhibitors which can lead to the elimination of tiny crystals from the kidney and it can be painless elimination.

    So, if the size of the crystal is small and if the urine is dilute that it will not get supersaturated,  through the uterus the crystals will start flowing with the urine, and this will happen without causing any issue or you might not even notice it.

    You should seek the help of our Urologist as they will give you the best treatment option for the kidney stone problem.

    But, the balance between inhibitors and stone promoters does not happen in every case which happen due to lifestyle, genetics, or some other factors which can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

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