How is azoospermia deal with the help of PESA or TESA Surgical Procedures?

How is azoospermia deal with the help of PESA or TESA Surgical Procedures?

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    Various infertility problems bother the couples and interfere with their motive to become parents of a healthy baby. The Azoospermia problem is one such problem. In this, the male partner does not have even a single sperm cell in his semen.

    In today’s blog, We shall be discussing the important techniques which can help to deal with the problem.

    Usually, two techniques help to extract the sperms:

    • PESA – Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
    • TESA – Testicular Sperm Aspiration

    How is azoospermia caused?

    When the vas deferens or the epididymis suffer from any kind of abnormality or blockage, then they give birth to the problem of azoospermia. The sperms are surely getting produced in the testis but they are unable to get out with the semen.

    Brief introduction about PESA and TESA

    These are the surgical procedures that aim at extracting the sperms. When the sperms are to be extracted from epididymis then, it is known as the PESA. But on the other hand, when the sperm is to be extracted from the testis, then TESA is taken into account.

    Which problems can get treated with surgical procedures?

    Following problems are usually treated with these:

    • Testicular problems

    These problems are accounted for by the production of poor quality sperm.

    • Blockage in the genital tract

    When infection and trauma cause obstruction or blockage in the genital tract, then none other than surgical procedures could help to deal with it since the blockage is irreversible.

    • Absence of vas deferens

    When the individual is not having the vas deferens since birth, then PESA or TESA could prove beneficial in that regard.

    • Vasectomy

    If the vasectomy or failed reversal vasectomy is performed on the individual, then taking PESA or TESA could be extremely helpful for gaining the sperms.

    How are these procedures performed?

    • STEP 1

    PESA – The epididymis is get inserted with the finest needle

    TESA – The testes get inserted with the finest needles

    This stage helps to retrieve the seminiferous tubules.

    • STEP 2

    Once the tubules are dissected, then the sperms are to be found from the contents.

    What about anaesthesia?

    Based on the medical condition of the individual, it will be decided whether local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia is to be taken into account.

    How are the sperms obtained from the PESA or TESA used?

    The quantity of the sperms produced through the PESA or TESA surgical procedures is usually low as compared to the amount which is produced when the individual ejaculates naturally. So the sperms produced through this method can only be used with the help of the assisted reproductive technologies like :

    • IVF
    • ICSI
    • IUI

    What is the success rate of these procedures?

    The success rate of these procedures is usually 100%. The couple can succeed in becoming the biological parents of their children with these procedures. But the success rate of each clinic is different. So make sure you are choosing the right clinic because the reproductive organs are so sensitive and they need to be dealt with only by experienced surgeons.

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