How is egg freezing a beneficial option for couples to plan for a better future?

How is egg freezing a beneficial option for couples to plan for a better future?

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    Women in their early 20s constantly feel like they are racing against time. Invisible deadlines seem to be increasing ahead. If someone has not experienced it then it might seem strange to them what they need to do. The ticking of biological clocks is a worrisome situation for many people and they think that in future the things will be tougher.

    Most of the women want to focus on their future first and later start a family. But the age factor and marriage are referred to by relatives and neighbors which makes everything more difficult to deal with.

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    Advancement in medical science

    Many advancements have been made in medical science which allows women to conceive in later life. With the option of retrieving the egg from the ovaries, freezing them, and storing them. The eggs can be used when the time is right for them and start their family. This means they do not have to worry about infertility or time passing.


    How egg freezing provides an upper hand for conception?

    • A limited supply of eggs

    Women are born with a fixed number of eggs and with age, this number goes down. Infertility is an issue that increases with age. The women in their early 20s have an average pregnancy rate of 25% every month. Women in their 30s have 15% chances every month and in their 40s it decreases further. If you get the egg freezing on time it will

    give you peace of mind and you can have a child whenever you are ready for it.

    • No need for the sacrifice

    Pregnancy and child-bearing can make it difficult for women to focus on their dreams. In some cases, it occurs permanently because of family pressure. If you keep aside some of the eggs for the future, it allows you to make progress in your life. It means you will think of having the children when you are ready for it.

    • No pressure

    When you get your eggs frozen at an early age it helps to reduce the pressure. It means the women get the time to choose their date and relationship without being under the pressure of marriage.

    • Get quality results

    Frozen eggs are thawed, inseminated, and implanted when the woman feels that she has time to become a mother or she has reached the stage in her life where she wants to be. Fortunately, the entire process of egg freezing is secure, and no damage is caused to any of the eggs.

    Studies have shown that the thawed egg quality is as good as the fresh eggs which are great for conception chances. On the other hand, the eggs which are present in the ovaries will lose their quality with time and affect the chances of pregnancy.


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