How long-term stress can affect your chances to conceive naturally?

How long-term stress can affect your chances to conceive naturally?

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    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Most of the couples plan to start their family, once they have settled down or they have a stable job. But the person forgets that after a certain age, it becomes difficult to conceive naturally.

    Do not worry, if you are not able to start your family or feeling stressed, then visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to get assisted reproductive technology.


    Fertility declines with age

    Whether it is men or women, fertility declines with age. To conceive this plays a vital role. In the case of women, the fertility slope declines at the age of 35. For example: if you are trying to conceive at the age of 30, then fertility is still a better stage as compared to the age of 37.

    To conceive successfully, it is essential for the couple to live a stress-free life and do not indulge in any wrong habits. If you are trying for one year despite having unprotected sex, then you might be having an issue of infertility.

    Can stress affect fertility?

    Sometimes, the couple is not able to understand stress can affect fertility. But, it does. One of the research has shown that daily stress reduces the chances of conception naturally. Moreover, too much stress can lead to ovulation problems in women and the production of male sperm is affected which leads to infertility.

    No doubt, everyone experiences stress once in a while but if you are dealing with long-term stress then it can affect your chances to get pregnant. The best fertility expert will always suggest you lower the stress level. Additionally, it eliminates the habit of drinking and smoking that affects the chances of conception.


    How to manage stress levels?

    You should practice meditation, do yoga, go for a walk, focus on breathing, spend time with your loved ones, and give time to things which you enjoy the most. There is no point in taking stress over every small thing.


    What are the primary reasons for infertility?

    Mostly, infertility problems are linked with men and women, or there can be problems with both. However, the reasons for both men and women are different, which your doctor can tell you. Some of the major causes include:

    • Overweight
    • Advanced maternal age
    • Sperm issue in male
    • Decline ovarian reserve
    • Diagnosed with STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infection)
    • Lifestyle habits (Smoking and drinking)
    • Health-related issues


    Improved and efficient Technology

    • With time, medical science has advanced a lot and there has been an introduction of various effective treatments and therapies for infertility. Getting the best fertility treatment in Punjab will improve your conception chances in the future despite all the odds.
    • The couple should not wait for a long time to seek help. There are treatment options like IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg freezing, embryo freezing, and many other options that can increase the success chances.

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