How to control bad odor during incontinence? How to get rid of urine smell?

How to control bad odor during incontinence? How to get rid of urine smell?

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    Individuals with incontinence face the issue of foul-smelling odor. In many cases, the problem comes with anxiety and embarrassment. They do not just think about having that situation but because they will smell bad. Due to pandemics, everyone has to stay indoors and manage the odor issue. However, it has been noted that people have become less careful about personal hygiene and they shower less, as there is nowhere to go out. No matter what the situation is, urinary incontinence patients need to manage their routines. If things are getting out of control, then you need to consult the urologist, without any delay.

    What are the reasons urine smells bad?

    Normal urine does not have that foul smell. People with bladder control limit the intake of fluids thinking the problem will stop. But, this will make the urine concentrated, get dark yellow, and have a bad odor. So, what should you do?

    • You need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.
    • Sometimes an infection can also make your urine smell bad. In such a case, you need to consult the urologist, get yourself examined, and start the treatment.
    • In some cases, some food can make you smell bad or certain types of beverages can affect urine smell. Like if you drink more than the required amount of coffee in a day it will make your urine smell. So, do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee in a day.
    • Sometimes, certain medications you have started taking can lead to this issue. If you notice a difference after taking a certain medication then you need to consult the physician.

    What should I do about the foul-smelling urine?

    • Internal deodorant tablets

    Derifil® or Nullo®, both of these have proven effective in handling the situation. The medication needs to be taken through the mouth and it is advised to be taken for 2 to 14 days to deal with the problem.

    • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is another effective way to deal with this. Make sure to consult the doctor first and then start taking it.

    If you do not have any problem with your bladder then make sure to include good juices in your diet like cherry, apple, pear nectar, and other non-citrus juices.

    What are the ways to control odor?

    • Make sure that you maintain good hygiene and use commercially prepared deodorants and cleansers. You need to keep your entire body clean and fresh all day long.
    • You should clean the bowel area from front to back and rinse it properly. Always use a gentle cleanser and wash it thoroughly. You need to use only the ones which are specifically designed for these purposes.
    • If the skin gets dry, then you should use moisturizing cream. No matter which appliance you use or pads, they need to be clean and change from time to time.

    What should I keep in mind when I wear incontinence products?

    Make sure that you use the disposable absorbent products as mentioned on the package. You should not buy anything with fragrance as it can do more harm than good.

    • Adult pads and briefs need to be too close to the body and make sure they are properly fitted in the place.
    • Urine collection devices, such as an external pouch, condom catheter, or leg bag, should be leak-proof and air-tight.
    • To disinfect the reusable parts you need to use the commercial cleaner or take 1 part of white vinegar with 2 parts of water.
    • Make sure to dispose of the products correctly, and use the airtight container. If you are traveling somewhere then use the zip-style seal bags.

    How to get rid of bad odor due to urine leaks?

    • Make sure to wash the clothing or bed linens right away. If there is anything made of polyester (100%) then throw it.
    • Use the air fresheners and neutralizer odors and keep the air circulating through the house.
    • Blot the stain right away from the carpet or any other fabric. You can buy them from the local store, which seems correct for the material.

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