How to Cope with the Two Week Wait during IVF treatment?

How to Cope with the Two Week Wait during IVF treatment?

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    IVF treatment is too beneficial for infertile couples because it gives you new hope to conceive a baby without any complications. But it is too difficult to wait for almost 2 weeks during IVF treatment because everyone wants to have a child without delay. In this article you will learn how to cope with this.

    if you are undergoing IVF treatment, then you may understand that the Two Week Wait is a very difficult stage. Also, it is too tough to wait to test for pregnancy after embryo transfer. In this blog post, we are going to talk about certain easy techniques you can use during fertility treatment such as IVF to cope with the two-week wait. Or you can get help from an IVF doctor by visiting the IVF centre.

    Here are various concerns during the Two Week Wait during the IVF procedure.

    There are various concerns that are experienced by couples during the two-week wait after embryo transfer. These are-:

    • Obsessing about ‘pregnancy symptoms
    • Too much time
    • Thinking about ‘what-ifs’
    • No one understands
    • Negative thoughts arise continuously.

    These are explained below-:

    Obsessing about ‘pregnancy symptoms’ during the two week wait

    You may find yourself noticing certain changes in your body during the two-week wait, and thinking about whether these are the symptoms of pregnancy or not.

    Yes, many pregnant women notice no sign of conception, whereas others, who are not pregnant may notice certain signs. So, to tackle this situation, you have to take a deep breath and must change your posture, so that you can relieve stress completely.

    Additionally, you must take time in a day for counting, this will help you to keep well and away for unnecessary tensions.

    Thinking about ‘what-ifs’ during the two week wait

    Several people start thinking too much such as what will happen if we do not conceive or it does not work. In these situations, your mind could easily get lost during the two week wait in the IVF procedure. In addition to this, some of us begin thinking about possibilities and the future too. And they also start making certain assumptions, which do not give you positive results but gives you unnecessary tension. You must try certain things that will help you to strengthen your mind and body too. These are-:

    Meditation will help you keep yourself relax and calm too. Meditation will also help you to keep negative thoughts away during your two week wait in the IVF procedure.

    Moreover, you also need to change yourself, or you must try to spend some time with your friends as well as family so that you can feel better.

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