How to Talk about Infertility with Family and Friends

How to Talk about Infertility with Family and Friends

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    Infertility spells sorrow for the childless couples. Some are lucky enough to get the loving support of their friends and family but some face the society’s harshness associated with infertility. It has its share of social stigma and shame associated with it. Of course, things would be better if the people understood that the couple needs some comforting words and encouragement instead of malicious looks and degradation. The medical front can be handled efficiently by the IVF centre. It is possible to get ivf in India, you just need to know about the best IVF centres.

    Breaking the news

    The couple is always in a dilemma about coming out in the open about infertility. The couple can expect both positive and negative results after breaking the news. The couple is often looking for someone who will help them overcome their fears and assure them of better days, but they often end up with the insensitive advice from friends and relatives who have no idea about the plight they are in. The truth about your fertility is a private matter but it has to be discussed in the open if you want your nears and dears to join you in your struggle. So you will have to find out a way to strike a balance between your openness and your privacy.

    Approach the right people 

    Different people have different mind sets and will have different reactions. It depends on their age, background, education, and thinking. The elderly family members will give you a different reaction than the friends of your age group. You may design your way of presenting the facts accordingly so that you don’t have to deal with strong reactions.

    Plan the procedure of sharing information

    Discuss the finer nuances of sharing the information with your partner. The discussion and the process of breaking the news should come in a way that the comfort levels of the people are respected. The conversation could be rehearsed before the final discussion. It will help if you decide on a date and time for coming out in the open. First, discuss the matter with the family members then proceed to friends, relatives, and acquaintances. You could comfortably put their concerns to rest by using the phrase that you will let them know when you have good news.

    Be open about the facts

    Dealing with infertility gets you closer to the lesser-known facts. The people who haven’t dealt with the situation might not know many things. You must be patient and willing to help them gain knowledge about the whole issue. You might get a good support system after educating the right kind of people.

    Talking about it can be as tricky as infertility itself, but discussing it the right way will help in easing your journey.

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