Hypertension During Pregnancy Leads to Autism in Child

Hypertension During Pregnancy Leads to Autism in Child

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    When a woman is pregnant, she must take care of her health. Most importantly, she needs to visit the doctor at the right time to make sure everything is perfect. In this guide, we are going to mention in detail how hypertension during pregnancy can lead to autism in a child.


    Prenatal visits with the gynecologist are extremely essential during pregnancy and they should never be missed. Visiting the gynae will include routine examination which includes checking blood pressure with each visit. Through pregnancy, blood pressure should be normal to avoid hypertension. With normal blood pressure, the pregnancy will be smooth and your baby will be safe.

    Why is blood pressure monitored during pregnancy?

    The blood pressure will be confirmed with systolic BP ≥ 140 mm Hg and a diastolic BP ≥ 90 mm Hg with 2 different measurements which are done with a gap of 4 to 6 hours. Hypertension is classified according to the change which occurs in the body.

    • Chronic Hypertension

    Before pregnancy, the blood pressure is greater than or 140/90 mm Hg or before the 20th week of gestation.

    • Gestational Hypertension

    Hypertension occurs for the first time after 20 weeks of conception and proteinuria is absent.

    • Preeclampsia or Eclampsia

    After 20 weeks of gestation, hypertension, and proteinuria of ≥ 300 mg/24 hours.

    Hypertension makes the pregnancy complicated and puts the baby at risk. If the woman is diagnosed with chronic hypertension then it is essential to not miss the prenatal visit. By getting a proper understanding of your condition will reduce the risk involved with developing preeclampsia.

    How does it increase the risk of kidney disease?

    Due to hypertension, the blood flow to the placenta is decreased. If this happens, then the baby will not get the right amount of oxygen and nourishment. This can result in low birth, premature birth, or slow growth. One of the studies has shown that maternal metabolic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity are linked with neurodevelopment issues in children which leads to autism spectrum disorder.

    Before pregnancy, if the women are obese then it results in hypertension during pregnancy.

    The children with autism will have issues of a communication difference, impaired social interactions, and repeated behavioral patterns. There can be an increased risk of cognitive issues, and in childhood there can be symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity, eating disorder in adolescence, and psychotic problems.

    Keep a check on your Health!

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep the blood pressure on track before conception as well as throughout the pregnancy. Additionally, this will avoid the possible complications which can occur in the child. Talk to your doctor as she can guide you on how to maintain the blood pressure which is safe for mother and child.

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