Hypertensions Effect on Sexual Bliss

Hypertensions Effect on Sexual Bliss

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    Blood pressure is a common lifestyle disease prevalent in India. Every other person older than 40 seems to be suffering from the condition. It is a condition in which the blood courses along the blood vessels at a very great speed, so much that it harms the blood vessels and other organs. It is directly associated with the cardiac output of the person. Any measurement above 140 over 90 mmHg indicates hypertension. It may lead to symptoms such as fatigue, hot flashes, giddiness, and accelerated heartbeat. The sexual capacity of the person also gets affected. Many cases would lead to failure to conceive and such patient will need to get infertility treatment. Women with high blood pressure can approach their gynecologist for seeking treatment to their sex-related problems. Gomti Thapar has the best gynae in Punjab to cater to your gynecological problems.

    How does your hypertension influence your sexual interaction?

    Hypertension blocks the flow of blood to our organs as it causes depletion in the lining of the blood vessels. With less blood flowing to the penis and the surrounding area, it becomes difficult for him to sustain an erection for a long time to enjoy sexual intercourse. This failure to sustain an erection is known as erectile dysfunction.

    . High blood pressure can also lead to problems in ejaculation which in turn leads to sexual dissatisfaction. Certain medications may also lead to this condition. Lack of performance during sexual activity may lead to further anxiety.

    How does Hypertension affect female sexuality? 

    The woman also experiences decreased blood flow to her vaginal area due to hypertension. It results in vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. It may also cause difficulty in arousal and attaining orgasm > and lead to an anxiety issue.

    Treatment for women: Women need lubrication for better arousal during sexual interaction. Medications are available for both men to improve their sexual performance. Medicines such as sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadafil are available for such purposes. They help in improving sexual performance while not interfering with the blood pressure medication. However, the patient should consult a doctor before starting any medication.

    Therapy: The couple can approach a sexologist for their sexual problems. The couple should aim towards developing intimacy rather than race towards an orgasm. Proper therapy leads to the enjoyment of the act along with relaxation and a lot of foreplay. The couple should perform acts which promote closeness. The couple should also aim at promoting their overall health by adopting a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet.

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