What is Hypo-Hypo Infertility? What are the other causes of infertility?

What is Hypo-Hypo Infertility? What are the other causes of infertility?

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    We all know that the prerequisites to begin with the first phase of the conception are:

    • Oestrogen Production

    • Stimulation of the Follicle Development

    And when your reproductive condition is lacking both these things then Hypo Hypo infertility (Hypogonadotropic-hypogonadism infertility), comes as the possible consequence.

    There could be several causes for the person to suffer from this kind of infertility:

    • Weight-related amenorrhea

    • Stress

    • Strenuous exercise

    • Kallmann’s syndrome

    • Craniopharyngioma

    • Debilitating systemic diseases

    Did you know?

    There could be pituitary causes for this condition as well, like:

    • Surgical removal of the pituitary (hypophysectomy)

    • Radiotherapy

    • Sheehan’s syndrome

    What if infertility is not a concern?

    If infertility is not a concern, then the patients suffering from hypogonadotropic-hypogonadism can get treated with hormone replacement therapy.

    What if fertility is a concern?

    The fertility experts of the best IVF Centre in Moga explain, “If you are the one who is desiring to get a pregnancy and your pituitary is intact but hypothalamus is not working properly.”

    What are the other reasons for infertility?

    Apart from hypo-hypo infertility, there are other causes of infertility as well which are as follow:


    In this condition, the cells which are accountable for growing inside the uterus start growing outside of the uterus. It hinders the conception abilities of the patients.

    Blocked Fallopian Tubes:

    The eggs produced in the ovaries travel through the fallopian tubes to meet with the sperms. If there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes then the eggs fail to meet the sperms and hinder the conception.

    Diminished Ovarian Reserves:

    If the ovarian reserve of the female has diminished, then the required number of eggs for the conception will fail to get produced.

    Male Factor Infertility

    The males could also be the reason for infertility. The following factors could be responsible for that:

    • Decreased Sperm Count

    • No sperms at all

    • Retrograde Ejaculation

    Treatment options

    If you are struggling to conceive for a long time and are worried about what sort of treatment option will work the best for you, then better consult the best infertility expert. The most successful and best treatment option for infertility is IVF.

    During IVF the egg & sperm are kept together and then fertilized in a controlled environment. The following step is the embryo formation which is transferred back on the 3rd or 5th day. These days are best to transfer because the embryo is of the best quality. The embryo is kept near the uterus lining so that the pregnancy can happen.

    Customized approach for every couple

    The IVF treatment is customized for every patient as every couple’s infertility state is different from one another. So this is the reason IVF treatment is best in every state for the patient. Moreover, this approach will allow the success chances to increase manifolds.

    No worries, treatment is available for all, no matter whatever cause they are suffering from. Make sure to seek assistance from one of the best fertility experts who can give the best possible care to you. If you are worried about the entire situation then better visit Gomti Thapar Hospital to get yourself the customized treatment plan.

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