How are both the conditions related: Hypothyroidism and Infertility?

How are both the conditions related: Hypothyroidism and Infertility?

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    Hypothyroidism and Infertility

    No doubt these 2 are separate conditions, but these are linked to one another. HOW? When a woman is trying to conceive, it’s possible that her condition of an underactive thyroid can result in problems. Along with that, the condition of infertility can get combined, which often creates problems for the women to conceive like normal.

     What’s the reason for underactive thyroid leading to infertility?

    As the condition is likely to affect the hormones in the body. Due to hypothyroidism, the underactive thyroid occurs along with infertility. This condition is going to affect the way hormones are produced in the body, or you can say they are not enough in number the way it has to be.

    Not just that, when the hormones are not balanced or way too little, then the egg is not released on time from the ovaries, which is likely to affect fertility. If you are having difficulty conceiving on your own, then make sure to visit one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab to better plan the treatment which improves your conception chances.

    Consulting the doctor will help to determine the underlying cause of the underactive thyroid gland so that it does not get severe with time. The chances are that the condition is likely to occur due to an autoimmune condition or pituitary disorder. The chances are that the conditions are going to affect fertility to a great extent.

    Fertility treatment cost is based on your overall health

    If you are getting fertility treatment, then your overall health is considered and which additional treatment plan your condition demands. On average, the Test tube baby cost is around Rs 50,000.

     Make sure to keep a check on the hormones.

    It’s essential that while you are undergoing fertility treatment, the hormonal levels are continuously checked. Therefore, if there’s an issue, then it will come to light on time. In case the hormones are not balanced, then the necessary measures are taken by the fertility doctor, and accordingly, the treatment will be taken to the next step.

     Get the hypothyroidism treated

    Before your IVF journey begins, it’s essential that you take measures to correct the issue of underactive thyroid. Even in case hypothyroidism is treated, but infertility is still there, then other treatment options are required for addressing the problem. If you have hypothyroidism & you are planning to conceive, then it’s better to consult the doctor about the same on what further measures you can take.

     Important Note!

    While you are planning to conceive, it’s essential that you inform the doctor initially if you have an underactive thyroid. Doing so will ensure that the further treatment plan is made accordingly so that your health can be managed in all ways.

     Do you need help?

    Whether you are worried about your reproductive health or you have tried every possible treatment to conceive, but nothing is working for you, then schedule an initial consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital.

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