I Don’t Want SEX, But I Want BABIES: Wish Granted by Dr Neelu Koura

I Don’t Want SEX, But I Want BABIES: Wish Granted by Dr Neelu Koura

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    We all do have a friend in our lives who makes us believe that she has gotten pregnant just by kissing in a bathtub.

    Which Thought Comes To Your Mind, Firstly?

    We think of her as an urban legend.

    But such pregnancies do happen in Punjab, Bro. These are known as ‘Virgin Pregnancies’ carried out by the IVF Centre.

    Have You Lost Faith In Marriage Or Husbands?

    No matter whether you have faith in the marriages or not, you will always be willing to do the mother’s duties like breastfeeding, finding a school for your kid, seems weird but you are willing to clean them up after smelly ‘Susus’ and ‘Potties’. If you feel the same, then Immediately contact Gomti Thapar Hospital which is one of the most reputed fertility clinic@ 094172 78732.

    Pregnancy Without Sex…Is It Possible?

    Do you think we are fooling you? No, we are not. It is possible to conceive without having penetrative sex or that white fluid comprised of sperms (semen) in your vagina.

    Have you heard of IVF? Do not tell me that you haven’t or I’ll recognize you as a native of Jupiter and not of Punjab.

    IVF, IUI and ICSI

    People in Moga have recognized the importance of conceiving with the help of ART procedures. These procedures do not want the males and females to make physical relations. Only certain elements from their bodies like eggs and sperms will be required since Moga is still lacking the skill of making babies with air.

    Does The Pregnancy That Happens From These Procedures Show Up With The Same Symptoms As That Of The Natural Pregnancy?

    The ART procedures help people to refrain from sex. Without sex, people get pregnant. This procedure may seem neither magical nor miraculous to you. But trust me, our medical science is even more advanced than this. Coming to the point, once the implantation of the prepared embryo is done in the uterus of the female, she can lead a completely natural pregnancy.

    She will vomit and ask for something tangy like those typical daughters-in-law of daily soap do.

    She will have labour pain, just like Preity Zinta in Salaam Namaste had.

    Everything will be normal. The delivery will be normal. The baby will be normal. OMG! Too much of this, ‘Normal’, ‘Normal’.

    If you still have some doubt in your mind, I beg your pardon for not calling you ‘Normal’.

    How Can I Test Pregnancy?

    You can test the pregnancy similarly as you would have done if you have gotten pregnant after that sex. There are pregnancy test kits which demand drops of your urine to detect if you are pregnant or not.


    Have you lost your sex drive or do not want to be active in your sexual life because of any reason? No Worries! People in Punjab are educated enough to not judge you based on this. If being pregnant was your childhood dream like other girls, then do consult us to know more about ‘VIrgin Pregnancy’.

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