ICSI or IVF Which Method To Choose?

ICSI or IVF Which Method To Choose?

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    Infertility is showing ever-increasing statistics in the current generation. While the reasons may lie with modern lifestyle habits, pollution or the adulteration in our diets, we need to get the problem treated as soon as possible. Sometimes infertility becomes evident only when the couple tries to have a baby and fails to conceive one. It is best to opt for fertility treatments like IVF. According to the ivf centre, it is one of the best possible treatments for infertility. People are increasingly opting for ivf treatment. Various other forms of infertility treatment like ICSI are available.


    It is a procedure which involves the extraction of the eggs and the sperms separately from the female and the male partner respectively. Both the entities are fused in a controlled environment in the lab. The embryos which are formed as a result of the fertilization are kept under observation for a few days. The best embryos are selected from the lot and implanted into the uterus of the woman. Upon successful implantation, the embryo is expected to grow like a fetus as in a normal pregnancy.


    It is a procedure which is also an infertility treatment. The process varies from IVF though. In IVF, the sperm and the eggs are fused in a laboratory environment. The penetration of the egg by the sperm is performed naturally. The process might not be successful in case of low performing eggs and sperms. In ICSI, the sperm is directly injected into the egg using a syringe. As the penetration of the sperm is not carried out naturally, the volume of sperms required is less. It is an efficient procedure for low performing eggs. The success rate, however, is not higher than IVF as fertilization still needs to occur after the sperm penetrates the egg.

    Where does the difference lie?

    As far as the patient is concerned, the difference may lie only in the amount of expenditure incurred in both. But if you compare the procedures, the difference lies in the way the egg is penetrated by the sperm. In IVF, the process of penetration is allowed to take its natural course while in ICSI, the penetration is done artificially. The success of the ICSI depends on the reproductive capacity of the woman. ICSI is usually suggested when the capacity of the male member is not up to the mark. After successful fertilization, the process is carried out similarly in both cases. So ICSI is best for cases in which the male has sperm related problems.

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