Why do women face incontinence problems when they are pregnant?

Why do women face incontinence problems when they are pregnant?

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    Some incidences of pregnancy can be extremely wonderful, while the others are the ones that may make you feel quite embarrassed. But fortunately, the woman does not have to bear the issue for her whole life. This problem goes on its own as soon as the baby comes in your lap.

    What exactly is incontinence?

    Incontinence is that condition in which the individual loses control over the bladder muscles. These bladder muscles contract and relax on their own. It can also be described as the incapability to hold urine.

    Following are the conditions which you will surely experience as far as the incontinence is concerned:

    • You may feel the urge to frequently empty the bladder.
    • You may experience the leakage of the urine when you put some stress on the bladder muscles when you are performing such activities like:
      • Coughing
      • Laughing
      • Sneezing
    • You may have to get up so many times in the night to go out and urinate. If you wake up more than 3 times in a single night to urinate then this is a serious condition that is described as nocturia.

    What does pregnancy affect bladder control?

    During pregnancy, the female’s body experiences so many changes. When this happens, then all the organs of the start functionality strangely. Like the bladder.

    • Normal Hormonal changes

    As the baby grows in your womb, then owing to various hormonal changes, the following are experienced:

    • Weakened ligaments
    • Frequent Urination
    • Constipation
    • Increased Pressure

    The bladder is situated just below the uterus. So when the baby keeps on growing, the pressure on the uterus also gets increased. This will give you the feeling of fullness and heaviness even after you have urinated.


    All the women deserve appreciation and tribute because of their sacrifices which they do with their body to give birth to a baby.

    • Urinary Tract infections

    To experience a UTI during pregnancy is quite common. As the bay puts pressure on the bladder which makes it easier for the bladder to get trapped.

    • Certain medications

    The medication which may be described to you during the pregnancy will lead to bladder leaks. So do not worry! If your bladder leaks during the pregnancy. It is completely normal.

    How can you treat bladder related issues during pregnancy?

    The bladder issues can be treated if you take the following into account:

    • Pelvic Exercise

    The doctor will recommend some of the exercises which can strengthen your pelvic floor. The strengthening of the pelvic floor is essential to keep the bladder muscles in dominance.

    • Get treated for the constipation

    Do not get constipated for more than 21 days. If this issue seems to be getting severe, then it is high time that you should consult the doctor. Since constipation will increase the pressure on the bladder which will make it too weak to hold even a small amount of the urine.

    • Please maintain the healthy weight

    Both the conditions of being underweight and overweight are not good for pregnancy. Being underweight will cause negative effects on the baby while being overweight will increase the pressure on the bladder which will make it leak.

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