Find best Fertility clinic – Credentials, Fertility Specialists & Success Rate

Find best Fertility clinic – Credentials, Fertility Specialists & Success Rate

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    Whenever you are finding an IVF Centre in Punjab, make sure that you are not counting on a clinic based on the recommendation only. Because in the usual cases, it does happen that what was convenient and best for your friend may not be best for you. So you should first of all take into account yourself the factors which ought to be in the fertility clinic. According to a reputed gynaecologist in Punjab, Some people merely on having a glance at the infrastructure of the clinic conclude whether they should be taking treatment from that particular clinic or not.

    • How can you successfully research a good fertility clinic?

    If you are carrying your research for a good fertility clinic, you can count on the information from the following sources:

    • Websites do have vital pieces of information. These are the best factors that when compared can come up with the best results.
    • By considering the views of the foreigner customers.
    • If you are still doubtful, then you can consider meeting with the gynaecologist of a particular fertility clinic and interview him about the procedure.
    • What is to be considered as far as the fertility specialist is concerned?

    Whenever you have shortlisted a clinic, you should consider the following points for the fertility specialist:

    • Are they welcoming your questions:

    First of all the predominant quality of a good fertility specialist is that he invites all the questions of the patients so that they are left with no query.

    • Training:

    You have all rights to ask about the training of the doctors to get ensured whether you are in the right hands or not.

    • Availability of the required staff

    A fertility clinic must have made available all the doctors which are essential to be present at the time when fertility procedures are being performed like:

    • Andrologist
    • Urologist
    • Reproductive surgeons
    • Which questions should you be asking about the procedure?
    • What are the credentials for the eligibility criteria?
    • Is the procedure invasive or minimally invasive?
    • Where are procedures carried out?
    • Is there a separate lab for diagnosis?
    • How many numbers of embryos are to be transferred per cycle?
    • Do they also offer cryopreservation for embryos?
    • What is to be noticed about the clinic?
    • Is the location of the clinic convenient for you?
    • Do all the members of staff attend you with pleasant behaviour?
    • At what time the clinic is supposed to get opened and closed?
    • Are the doctors available to help you with your queries 24/7 telephonically?
    • What about the success rates?

    The success rates play a predominant role in helping the couple determine whether they are on the right track in choosing the ideal clinic or not. If a clinic has more than 30% of the unsuccessful rate, then it is not considered as the worth one -approaching and worth taking treatment from.


    So if you are the one who is also searching for the best fertility clinic, then we hope that this article must have proved useful to you.

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