Irregular Periods and Pregnancy’s Relationship

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy’s Relationship

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    Irregular periods condition caused due to hormonal problems, poor diet, PCOS, and diabetes. Millions of people do not know the relationship between pregnancy and irregular periods. Here in this guide, you will surely learn about irregular periods and pregnancy in detail, so you must read this article carefully.

    Irregular periods and pregnancy have a great relationship because if you are suffering from irregular periods than this may lead you to pregnancy problems. In order to understand this condition, you need to understand each and everything related to irregular periods and pregnancy.

    What is an irregular period?

    A regular period cycle happens every 28 days and lasts almost for 5-7 days. Whereas irregular period cycle happens 21 days or you may experience periods after 2 or 3 months late.

    Causes of irregular periods

    There are several causes of irregular periods such as-:

    • Hormonal changes
    • PCOS
    • A poor and unhealthy diet can cause irregular periods
    • Excessive exercise and dieting
    • Fibroids, diabetes, and endometriosis

    PCOS is also responsible for many other problems such as an imbalance in the hormones, irregular ovulation, bleeding, cysts on ovaries, miscarriages, and infertility. Lifestyle changes also lead to an irregular period problem. Extreme exercise and dieting are also responsible for irregular periods, due to which you may experience the stress, weight gain, and weight loss as well. Due to these conditions, you need to visit the gynecologist Moga, because only he will give the right treatment in order to treat your condition.

    Moreover, irregular periods problem leads to pregnancy problems as we state above that this will cause miscarriage, birth defects, and premature delivery.

    How to check an irregular period condition?

    Well, there is no such scientific test for irregular periods. You can check it by yourself orally. In order to check this condition, you must check your starting and ending date of periods for almost 3-4 months. If you are to stress then take a test and meet the gynae in Punjab in order to get a check-up.

    Is it possible to get pregnant with irregular periods?

    Yes, of course, you can also get pregnant with irregular periods but the ability to ovulation may be decreased. But don’t worry you can easily get pregnant with this condition.  In order to get rid of this problem, you need to go with a healthy diet and make some lifestyle changes. You should also reduce your stress because this is the main culprit behind irregular periods of condition.

    If you are suffering from severe condition then must go with hormone supplements because these will help you to treat the irregular problem. Because a low level of estrogen hormone leads to this problem. But make sure you should take these supplements with the prescription of a doctor.

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