Is Absence of Menstrual Periods a disease?

Is Absence of Menstrual Periods a disease?

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    Absence of periods in females may be due to various causes which can be treated by a qualified Gynae  through certain medications which balances the hormonal level in the patient and thereby causing period flow. The problem if not given attention leads to infertility problems in women.

    Getting healthy periods is a reflection of a healthy reproductive system of a female. Absence of menses in known to be called as amenorrhea which is considered as a normal condition during the circumstances when the female is pregnant or she is after her menopause phase, or while breastfeeding or when she is still not in her puberty.

    Otherwise, you need to consider it as a symptom of a disorder that can be treated with any gynae near you, considering she is enough qualified and experienced.

    Other symptoms of the problem include growth of facial hair in women, deepened voice, masculine growth, etc

    Amenorrhea has two types

    First is the primary one in which periods never start and the other is secondary one where periods start and then stop. The first case is evident in the girls who yet have to experience their puberty changes and the secondary phase happens to be a common one these days among women.

    Relationship of menstruation with the hormones

    The complex hormonal system regulates the menstruation cycle in females . their imbalance can affect the periods among them. For example imbalance of prolactin levels or thyroid hormone can affect the menses in females. Another reason could be the malfunctioning of the hormonal system.

    Higher levels of prolactin and other hormonal deficiencies can be easily detected with the medical test and is later treated through the intake of certain medications by your gynae in moga or gynae in Punjab.

    Serious issues arise when female is not able to get pregnant and to have a baby she has to reach out to a ivf centre in Punjab or at any other place as per her convenience.

    Cause of Amenorrhea 

    1)    Primary amenorrhea occurs either due to a genetic disorder (which includes turner or Kallmann syndrome) or a birth defect of reproductive organs.

    2)    Secondary amenorrhea is there due to PCOS, breastfeeding, during pregnancy or premature menopause.

    Use of drugs also leads to stoppage of periods in females

    Symptoms of Amenorrhea and Realising the need of a doctor 

    1)    Milky nipple discharge

    2)     vision problems

    3)    growth of excess hair face like on the chin

    4)    delayed puberty

    You need to see your doctor if you observe such symptoms and have not got periods as when your age demands. You will be given prescriptions by your doctor to treat your problem if it comes out through your physical examination.

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