Is Air Pollution responsible to impact Pregnancy?

Is Air Pollution responsible to impact Pregnancy?

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    When a woman is pregnant there are many things which need to be kept in mind. One of the studies has shown that air pollution can impact pregnancy and the baby growing inside her belly. Make sure to talk to the doctor if you are facing any problem. In this guide, we will talk about air quality impact on pregnancy.

    What is Air Pollution?

    Air Pollution can come in different forms. The polluted air is composed of ozone which includes nitrogen oxide, building emissions, second-hand smoke, vehicle exhaust, sulfur dioxide, chemicals, and dust. Air pollution is a major problem in the country or major city. Some of the common symptoms linked to air pollution exposure include:

    • Coughing
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Wheezing
    • Heart and lung damage
    • Eye and sinus irritation
    • Decreased lung capacity and shortness of breath
    • Advanced respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema
    • Cancer

    Air pollution is not safe for any person and it can impact pregnant women, babies, children, elderly people, and those facing respiratory issues. Make sure to talk with our gynae in Punjab, if you have any doubts in your mind and understand how to take care of your health.

    Air Pollution harmful impact on Pregnancy

    • Low birth Weight

    The ideal pregnancy takes around 38 to 40 weeks. If the baby is born under 5 pounds then it is low birth weight. Due to many problems, babies are born underweight but exposure to air pollution during pregnancy can increase the complications.

    If you are not able to conceive due to certain complications then you should visit our IVF centre and consult the medical expert about the best treatment plan.

    • Preterm Birth

    According to a study, millions of babies are born prematurely due to air pollution. The preterm birth is around 18% which is linked to air pollution, this can increase the risk of permanent physical disabilities and neurological disorders. Make sure to avoid air pollution during pregnancy.

    • Autism

    One of the studies has shown that during the 3rd trimester the baby is at increased risk of autism. It is essential to make sure you focus on your health during the pregnancy phase.

    • Asthma

    Air pollution is linked to asthma problems. In the case of pregnancy, the asthma danger is increased and it can cause preeclampsia. This is the problem that increases the risk of blood pressure and the functioning of the kidney and liver is decreased. Managing your health and the baby will help the pregnancy to go smoothly.

    If the baby is suffering from asthma, then it can result in a lack of oxygen which leads to premature birth, poor growth, and low birth weight. Talk to the doctor and she will let you know what all should be kept in mind.

    • Fertility issue

    During pregnancy, women need to have good quality air to breathe in. Multiple studies have shown that air pollution can increase the risk of miscarriage.

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