Is Exercise During IVF not Allowed?

Is Exercise During IVF not Allowed?

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    Women undergoing IVF treatment need to make sure their health is good and they should be physically fit. Studies have shown that patients who have healthy BMI will have a positive outcome with IVF. In this guide, we are going to discuss in detail whether exercise is a good option or not with IVF.

    The patients who are undergoing IVF treatment often wonder whether they should get back to the exercise regime or not. Well, there is no problem with doing exercise but make sure to talk with your IVF doctor as they will help to determine the level of activity you can do.

    Is there a need to avoid physical activity during the IVF cycle?

    • Most important thing is to prepare for the egg retrieval process. The medications will be given and they help in stimulating the ovaries. In this process, it is essential to protect the ovaries as they are sensitive and strenuous activity should be avoided.
    • High-impact or high-intensity exercise will put your body under stress which will compromise the treatment results.
    • In the IVF cycle, it is important to not push the limitations and make sure you take care of yourself. The stress of any type needs to be avoided at this time.
    • Intense biking and running are very hard along with heavy weight lifting are very dangerous. Additionally, interval training or spin classes should also be avoided by IVF patients.

    It is essential to make sure you keep in mind these effects until the end of the IVF cycle. If you are having any issue then visit the IVF centre right away.

    What type of exercise can be done?

    Well, we are not saying that you need to avoid the exercise regime completely. Doing exercise is a great way to relieve stress. So, it is best to do exercise which is low-impact to get the maximum benefits.

    You should eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Along with that, you should get into a low-impact session like a stationary bike or elliptical machine. Apart from that restorative yoga and gentle stretching is the best option as they nurture the body. The patient needs to take the medications which can trigger side-effects like:

    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Bloating
    • Nausea

    This means that you need to stay calm and be gentle with yourself so that the success chances do not get affected.

    One of the studies has shown that when women exercise for 4 hours a week and they are doing it for 9 years the success chances get to 40% with IVF as compared to those who don’t.

    If you have any doubt in your mind or not sure what you need to do then talk to the fertility doctor right away.

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