Is Flu Responsible for bladder infection?

Is Flu Responsible for bladder infection?

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    The body may show some symptoms which are actually due to flu but may be similar to symptoms of a bladder infection. You can have bladder infections and flu at the same time , but that doesn’t imply that influenza causes bladder infection. According to a renowned urologist, a person can have both the conditions at the same time and thus feel that one led to another. You can get yourself treated for a bladder infection at a urology centre.

    How do bladder infections occur?

    Bladder infections occur due to the entry of bacteria into the urethra and bladder. Women tend to suffer more from bladder infections in comparison to men. The reasons may lie in the difference in the way their urinary organs are formed. Some other reasons are also accountable – having sexual intercourse, not urinating after indulging in sexual intercourse, wiping in the wrong direction after urinating – back to front, inserting a tampon and having the condition of diabetes.

    Symptoms of bladder infection

    Symptoms of a bladder infection are as follows:

    • Experiencing a burning sensation while urinating
    • The urine becomes cloudy or blood-tinged
    • Pain in the  pelvic or abdominal  area
    • Experiencing fever and chills
    • Nausea
    • Fatigue
    • Feeling the urge to urinate frequently

    While some of these symptoms resemble the symptoms of influenza, both the conditions are very different and so are the causes. The cause of flu lies in the influenza virus that infects the throat, nose, and lungs. The virus spread through the air when an infected person releases infected vapor when he sneezes or coughs, which is taken in by other people in the form of breath. The flu can also spread on various commonly touched surfaces like chairs, tables, and doorknobs. A person can get infected through a surface even after 48 hours of being touched by an infected person.

    On the other hand, bladder infections are caused by bacteria. It may be felt by many patients that flu leads to a bladder infection, it isn’t true at all. If you suspect that you are suffering from a bladder infection along with the flu,  you must book an appointment with your urologist.

    At our Urology Centre, we will gladly handle all your doubts and queries regarding bladder health. We are always there for our precious patients. This is the right place where you will get all the information about the diagnosis, and treatment of bladder conditions.

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