Is It Good To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

Is It Good To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

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    So, you are expecting and feeling excited to go through this journey. Well, you need to keep in mind different things and might have to change some of the things in your daily routine. one of the things is the consumption of coffee. Read the topic to know more about this.

    Pregnancy is no doubt, the best phase in any woman’s life. Whether you have conceived naturally or through IVF treatment a lot of changes will happen in your body. This is the reason, you have to make changes in your daily routine which includes the consumption of coffee. You have to drink in a certain amount, but why? Here we will let you know about drinking coffee during pregnancy.

    Caffeine intake during pregnancy

    When you visit your gynecologist they will recommend you to restrain the consumption of coffee to less than 200 milligrams in a day. If you consume more than this, then it can negatively impact the health of the unborn child.

    Does the overconsumption of coffee can lead to a negative effect?

    • Coffee is an energizer and diuretic. This means its consumption can increase the heart rate and blood pressure which is not suitable while you are expecting. Along with that, it increases the frequency of urination which can reduce the level of fluid in the body and might lead to dehydration.
    • You might be able to handle its effect but once it crosses the placenta and reaches the baby it can create a problem. As your baby’s immune system is still maturing so they cannot deal with the effect of caffeine.
    • If you consume more than the required amount as suggested by your gynae then it can create a problem:
    1. Fetal heart rate increases.
    2. It might damage the fetus heart.
    3. Chances of low birth weight
    4. Chances of preterm delivery are increased
    5. Stillbirth
    6. Chances of miscarriage are increased

    Is there a need to avoid the coffee intake completely?

    If there is something dangerous then avoiding is best for you and your baby. But, if you are habitual of drinking coffee then its withdrawal might cause symptoms like headaches and fatigue which can make pregnancy uncomfortable. So, best is to limit the coffee intake to one cup to maximum 2 days in a day. Well, there are other products which have coffee like chocolates, tea, dairy products, and frozen treats.

    Drinking coffee in the Third Trimester

    • Intake of coffee in high amount poses a high risk of baby’s health.
    • It might even change the sleeping pattern of the baby or its normal movement pattern.
    • In some cases, it might even extend the due date of pregnancy.

    Just keep in mind lighter coffee lesser the amount of caffeine. Consult your lady doctor in case there is any problem.

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