Is it important for women getting an IVF cycle to get complete bed rest?

Is it important for women getting an IVF cycle to get complete bed rest?

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    One of the common concerns of the patient undergoing the IVF cycle at our IVF centre in Punjab is bed rest. To help the patients be clear about this question, our gynecologist in Punjab has answered this question in brief for you. Let’s dive into the information shared by her.


    Myth: Complete bed rest boost the pregnancy chances of IVF

    Fact: NO. There is no such way that if you pause or halt your daily regime and just lie on the bed all day long, it will improve the conception chances. Whether you have conceived naturally or through IVF, the care should be the same and all the necessary precautions should be taken.

    During IVF, the sperm and egg are fertilized with each other which results in embryo formation and this results in fetal growth.

    The embryo that is formed in a controlled environment needs to be treated just like the way if you have conceived naturally. After the successful transfer of the embryo and a 2-week wait to see the positive results, you can get back to your normal working routine. No doubt, in this period, you need to avoid anything which puts excess stress on the body and mind, just like when a woman conceives naturally.


    Can bed rest increase the IVF success rate?

    Moreover, people believe that following the embryo transfer if the patients get up, the embryo will not stay in its position. The trust is that the embryo will be safe and intact where the embryologist has put it during the procedure.

    If you think lying down on the bed will boost the success rate or improve the chances, then this is not possible. You can affect the success chance of IVF, as you are doing nothing.

    On the contrary, it is important that you stay active and happy throughout the IVF journey and even when you have conceived. Following a positive approach will make a difference in your well-being and you won’t be stressed about everything.


    What does this mean?

    Instead of focusing on bed rest, you should follow a healthy diet which will make a difference. The embryo quality and endometrial receptivity will boost the IVF success rate to a great extent. Several theories which have been done have proved that bed rest is not necessary for the women getting IVF cycle.

    Just make sure to not put excess stress on the body. Here we mean is, do not follow a strenuous activity regime and make sure that you are positive throughout the IVF journey. Keep yourself active by doing the brisk walk, yoga, meditation, or any other activity which is suggested by your fertility expert.



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