Is it important to get bed rest after undergoing Embryo Transfer?

Is it important to get bed rest after undergoing Embryo Transfer?

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    Traditionally, bed rest is recommended for women after medical treatment. For instance, after delivery of a baby, women are prescribed 6 weeks of bed rest until it is ultimately proven that the increased risk of DVT (Blood clot) is not there.

    Although bed rest is encouraged with good intentions, the outcomes are not the best. Well, this is when the couple conceives naturally. What about if the couple has undergone IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in Punjab.

    Following the embryo transfer i.e. the last stage of IVF treatment, the women were restricted to bed rest for 2 weeks. Some patients were not even allowed to stand up. But now IVF treatment has come a long way which means advancements have been made. Let’s understand whether bed rest is still advisable for the patients or not:


    Do you need to get bed rest following an Embryo Transfer?

    Simply we say it is no. Over time, it is gradually becoming apparent that these limitations are not needed. To understand this, some studies have been done to understand the concept of fresh or frozen embryo transfer.

    • One of the studies done in 1997, suggested that even a 24 hour period of bed rest is not necessary. Specifically, they demonstrated that the patients needed to have 20 minutes of activity restriction and pregnancy rates were comparable.
    • In 2005, one of the studies done on a larger base found that patients are allowed to get up immediately following the embryo transfer. The pregnancy rate is also best for the patients who were asked to lie flat for around one hour.
    • One of the reviews being done in 2011 has confirmed that there is no benefit of getting bed rest.

    Just make sure that following and during the procedure, follow the guidelines or suggestions given by the fertility expert.


    Why is bed rest not needed after the embryo transfer?

    One of the main reasons inactivity and bed rest are not recommended following embryo transfer is because the procedure is simple. If the patient is inactive, then there are high chances of an increase in the estrogen level which can lead to blood clot formation along with the rise in insulin resistance. The blood clot affects the blood flow which can prove critical for fetal development. Keep in mind, with a light exercise regime, inflammation is reduced, stress hormone level is lowered and healthy blood flow is promoted in the body.

    Is it safe to do an activity during pregnancy?

    Many people think that there should not be any type of activity when a woman is pregnant. But, women need to continue doing aerobic exercise with moderate intensity.



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