Is It possible for Embryo to fall out after transfer?

Is It possible for Embryo to fall out after transfer?

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    Infertility problem is becoming very common and in that case, the treatment of In-Vitro-Fertilization is the best option. But, people have doubt in their mind linked to embryo implantation process once it is completed. In this guide, we have shared information on whether the embryo can fall out after transfer.

    IVF treatment is the best treatment option available for the infertility problem. No doubt, undergoing the treatment can be very emotional and challenging both emotionally & physically. Especially, the waiting period of 2 weeks after the embryo implantation can be even tougher. This time is going to decide whether the results are going to be positive or negative. But, there is one concern linked to this process. Patients fear that embryo is implanted artificially, so it might be possible that it falls out of the uterus once it is transferred.

    How does this fear affect the patients?

    • At times, the couple fears this thing a lot that they start neglecting the normal working routine. Which means they avoid activities like walking, standing up, peeing, coughing, sneezing, and laughing.
    • The couple thinks that doing these things can make the embryo fall out which they cannot think of doing.

    But, the truth is that this theory is baseless, so you do not have to worry about anything. To make people aware of the treatment our IVF doctor always guides the patient properly regarding the process.

    Can embryo fall out of the uterus after implantation?

    • The uterus is like an empty cavity in which the embryo will be deposited. When the women stand up and walk around to do the work it would roll around.
    • This is true that women feel that taking a rest is the best option for them as it will increase their chances of making the embryo settle at their place and this will also help it to get stuck with the uterine wall.
    • The truth is that the uterus is a potential cavity instead of a real one. This is a muscular organ in which walls touch each other and the embryo will grow when its size is increased.
    • This means that embryo is going into the uterine walls and there is no way that it can fall out or get detached from its position.
    • Additionally, there is no way that if the embryo is healthy and living, that pregnancy will not take place. This process is a miracle of nature and it won’t get affected by technology and science. So, whether the pregnancy is assisted or natural, there is no way embryo can fall out of its position.

    To understand the process in detail or have any query then visit our IVF centre today only!

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