Is it true Ovarian cysts can negatively impact your fertility and chances of pregnancy?

Is it true Ovarian cysts can negatively impact your fertility and chances of pregnancy?

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    Ovarian cysts can affect fertility but not the way you think. The thoughts of having ovarian cysts can sound terrifying and especially if you have never dealt with one before. Certain types of ovarian cysts can show that the menstrual cycle is healthy and it results in healthy ovulation. On the other hand, there are few ovarian cysts which can result in health complications.

    This means the fertility of the person gets impacted or it can result in different issues. The patient needs to consult the fertility doctor so that she can guide better on what treatment plan you need to get. If you are facing problems then you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab.


    When ovarian cysts are serious?

    In some cases, it can lead to underlying medical conditions like endometriosis which affect the healthy ovarian tissues.

    • The cysts can be painful and they can impact fertility greatly. The type of cysts can compress ovarian tissues if they grow too much. The cysts are usually filled with blood and endometrial tissues. They do not go away on their own and they need to get surgical intervention.
    • While the removal of cysts, scar tissues, and adhesions can be due to endometriosis can improve the chances of women getting pregnant. The egg supply can be reduced which impacts the chances of women getting pregnant naturally.
    • Studies have shown that women all over the world face the problem of getting pregnant. It is important to keep in mind that not all the people dancing this condition can develop an endometrioma cyst.
    • One of the common conditions is PCOS which results in the production of multiple cysts on the ovaries and one of the leading causes of infertility.

    Moreover, women with PCOS do not ovulate at all or they can face problems sometimes.

    Luckily, fertility treatments have advanced a lot which means the couple can have increased success chances of conception.


    What should you do if you are worried about ovarian cysts?

    You need to consult the fertility expert and she will do an ultrasound which can tell you better about your condition. In some cases, the patient does not have symptoms at all or sometimes they can have symptoms like bleeding, dizziness, fever, and pain in the abdomen.

    If the cysts are ruptured or burst which leads to intense pain & internal bleeding then surgical intervention is needed. This helps to stop the bleeding or remove the whole ovary. Though it can be more difficult to conceive, still some women can conceive with one ovary.




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