Is There Any Difference Between Test Tube Baby and IVF Treatment?

Is There Any Difference Between Test Tube Baby and IVF Treatment?

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    Test Tube Baby Treatment & IVF: Are these different?

    The couples who are planning for infertility treatment have different concerns on their mind. If you have consulted a Gynecologist in Srinagar as you have difficulty planning for your pregnancy journey, then you might be suggested to go down the road of fertility treatment. In doing so, you can come across terms like IVF and test tube baby. So, is there any difference between the 2?

    Infertility is a common concern among men and women

    Around 10% to 15% of couples struggle with infertility. With each passing year, the count of patients visiting one of the best IVF centre in Punjab is increasing. Indeed! The couples do struggle and look for ways to have their child. All thanks to the possible medical advancement and several treatment options that work towards restoring infertility. The doctor suggests an IVF cycle for all infertile couples to boost the pregnancy success rate. Most importantly, to ensure they can have their child.

    So, is there any difference between IVF and Test tube baby treatment?

    NO! When you visit the Test tube baby centre, you will get the same treatment in both cases, no matter which term your infertility doctor uses. The use of both terms is common:

    • Test tube baby was used in past
    • At present common term is IVF

    There’s no such difference between the options, and couples struggling to conceive on their own can benefit from its treatment plan.

    Test tube baby or IVF treatment procedure

    For the IVF cycle, increasing the chances of conception includes several steps. It’s right to say that the process of ovarian stimulation method is much more than any other artificial insemination. The initial phase is to increase the total count of mature follicles.

    The HCG hormone will be administered to develop mature oocyte. Keeping a gap of 36 hours, the doctor performs egg retrieval to extract the desired amount of eggs. Egg retrieval is a simple and painless method that takes less than 30 minutes. After that, the doctor keeps the egg and sperm together for fertilization. Afterward, the embryo is formed and transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract.

    IVF success depends on different factors

    The IVF approach is the most advanced out of all methods. Most importantly, the success rate with IVF is much higher as compared to any other type of assisted reproductive technology. When you plan for IVF, you must take proper care and follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor. Additionally, the success rate of IVF depends on several factors like:

    • Patient’s medical history
    • Patient’s age
    • Previous surgery
    • Choice of IVF center
    • Undergoing IVF cycle in the past and the reason for its failure


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