Is Urinary Tract Infection Contagious?

Is Urinary Tract Infection Contagious?

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    Urinary tract infection is non-contagious, so you do not take tension about anything. In order to get rid of these conditions, you must visit the doctor as soon as possible. Or you must read this article carefully because we are going to tell you everything about urinary tract infection.

    Urinary problems are caused due to infection in the urinary tract due to infectious microbe. This condition is experienced by many people these days that are also caused due to bacteria, named as E.Coli, that is relocated against the flow of urine towards the kidney. Well, there are two types of urinary tract infections such as lower urinary tract infection and upper urinary tract infection. In which lower urinary tract infection does not include the kidneys and upper urinary tract infection includes.

    Well, many people ask us about urinary infections, that it is contagious. No, these type of urinary infections is not infectious or contagious. However, if your partner is suffering from STDs, then you may experience STDs, but in the case of UTIs, these are non-contagious.

    Yes, it is true that STDs and UTIs are caused due to a dirty toilet seat, but this is not the complete truth. Since only STDs are caused due to this, not UTIs. So, you just talk to gynae once.

    In these conditions, you need to visit the lady doctor in Moga, so that you can get the proper check-up of your health. Gynae doctor may suggest you some other type of tests and ultrasound, in order to understand the condition.

    How are urinary tract infections spread?

    As we stated above, this is a type of bacterial infection, that never spread to others. So, you do not take tension about anything related to UTIs, you just talk to the doctor, and get more information about this.

    Symptoms of urinary tract infection

    Lower urinary tract infection

    • If you are suffering from urinary tract infection then you may experience irritation and inflammation in the Bladder.
    • You will surely experience pain or burning sensation during urination, that is known as Dysuria.
    • You may experience more frequent urination.

    When to talk to a doctor?

    Well, if you are suffering from urinary tract infection and itching or burning sensation during urination, you must seek help from the doctor. This is necessary to get proper check-up so that you can get rid of your problem easily. You should discuss all the things with a doctor about your urinary problems so that he can recommend you the suitable treatment according to your condition.

    If you are struggling to get the UTIs treatment from the experienced or trained specialist, then you must visit us once. Since we have the best and experienced specialists.

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