Everything about testicular cancer and fertility preservation options

Everything about testicular cancer and fertility preservation options

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    Testicular Cancer And Fertility Preservation Options

    April is for the ‘Testicular Cancer Awareness Month’ and it is done to make everyone aware. If someone in your known is diagnosed with the same or you suspect you might have it, then better take the word of caution. It’s important to spread awareness about the same so that the best possible treatment options are known. In case your partner is diagnosed with the same, then make sure to pay a visit to the leading IVF centre in Punjab.

    It’s true that when the cancer is at its initial stage, it is 99% curable. This is only possible when you get yourself diagnosed on the said time and take every necessary measure. Let me add here one more thing and that is if you are diagnosed with testicular cancer you can preserve your fertility with the possible treatment options which is a great way

    to ensure your conception chances are not affected. No matter what concern you have or if something does not seem clear to you, then better visit the Best IVF Centre in Moga and get clarity over everything.

    What are the types of testicular cancer in men?

    To broadly classify them, it’s of 2 types:

    • Seminoma

    Occur in all ages and not aggressive at all. The treatment for the same is radiation therapy.

    • Nonseminoma

    Occurs in an earlier stage of life and spreads fast. The treatment option best suited for this is chemotherapy.

    How testicular cancer affects fertility in men?

    The testis is susceptible to chemo and radiation. Through any of these treatment plan, the sperm cells are damaged. This is a major reason that males are diagnosed with azoospermia or oligospermia. If you are going to conceive in the future, then it’s better to take the benefit of fertility preservation methods.

    What are the options to preserve male fertility?

    • Sperm Freezing

    Male can get their sperm frozen before undergoing testicular cancer treatment. The sperm is kept frozen and later when they are ready to start a family, these sperm can be used with IVF/ICSI.

    • TESE

    TESE (Testicular tissue cryopreservation) is a treatment plan which works great for men diagnosed with azoospermia. During this treatment plan, the tissue is extracted from the testicle, and sperm is taken through the biopsy. When the sperm is found, it will be frozen till the time you are not ready to conceive.

    • Radiation shielding

    While doing radiation therapy, the shields are kept over the testicles which helps to limit the damage to that specific area. So, in the case of radiation & chemotherapy, this option will make a difference.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    If you are in doubt, which option to choose or how to preserve your fertility before undergoing the testicular cancer treatment consult the experienced fertility expert at Gomti Thapar Hospital. No matter what doubt, you have in your mind talk it out with the doctor to make sure you don’t experience any sort of problem when you try to conceive.

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