IVF Cost – Mini and Full IVF, Inclusions in total cost & payment methods

IVF Cost – Mini and Full IVF, Inclusions in total cost & payment methods

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    IVF is a Godly procedure that has helped many couples to give birth to a healthy baby. As we asked one of the most experienced gynaecologists in Punjab that according to her which aspect of IVF bothers the couples the most. Then she answered that the couples are worried about the cost aspect the most. The IVF centre in Punjab does include every charge of the total cost which has contributed to fertility. In the ensuing information, we are going to tell you about the cost aspect of IVF Treatment.

    Which questions you should ask whenever the quote for the IVF Treatment is presented to you?

    Whenever the quote for the IVF treatment is presented to you, you should not neglect to ask them whether the price of the following is also included:

    • Additional technologies which are used in fertility treatment like:
    • ICSI
    • PGT
    • Testicular sperm extraction
    • Assisted hatching
    • The diagnosis tests
    • Cryopreservative of particularly the extra embryos
    • Use of the fertility drugs
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Ock embryo transfers
    • Containment fees for the frozen embryos
    • Pregnancy testing

    We would like to mention it here, that if you have chosen the clinic which is far from your locality, then you must include the travel charges and along with the accommodation in case you are planning to stay and the food charges

    Mini-IVF vs. Full IVF

    At our fertility clinic, we carry out both procedures whether it is mini IVF or full IVF. Both are known to have predominant benefits but it will be decided by your gynaecologist whether Mini-IVF is best for you or Full IVF is conducive to your infertility.

    The cost of both the procedures varies because of the following differences

    • The Mini-IVF treatment takes into account less use of fertility drugs as compared to Full IVF treatment.
    • The total number of days the matured embryos are supervised in an incubator is significantly less.
    • This fertility procedure is used to treat the infertility of those couples who intend to take up the IUI treatment.

    Additional Charges

    Following facts about the cost of the several aspects of IVF will help you to create an estimate about how much will you have to pay if you intend to take up the treatment:

    • The cost of the ICSI is half of the cost of the Genetic testing of embryos.
    • The charges of freezing the embryo will be charged on an annual basis.
    • The cost to take up the option of the egg donor is more as compared to that of the sperm donor.
    • The least inexpensive method of conception is embryo transfer whose cost is far less than the other fertility treatment procedures.

    How Can You Pay for IVF?

    You can count on the following methods for the payment for the IVF Treatment:

    • Credit or debit cards
    • Funds from the health saving plan
    • Funds from the flexible saving account
    • Medical equity loans
    • Retirement savings

    Final Word

    If cost is what is hindering you from becoming parents, then please count on us and make an effort to book an appointment with our experienced fertility surgeons.

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