How can you find the right In- Vitro Fertilization centre for yourself?

How can you find the right In- Vitro Fertilization centre for yourself?

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    In-vitro fertilization

    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) centre in India: IVF i.e in vitro fertilization is a procedure where the doctor fertilizes the eggs and sperm of the couple in the lab. Then the doctor will keep the embryo in proper oxygen so the embryo will get the proper amount of nutrients to make blastocyst. After keeping the blastocyst in the lab the doctor will transfer it into the uterus of the women.

    Then after 2 weeks the doctor will do a blood test and check whether the women are pregnant or not. Sometimes what happens is after the IVF cycle the women still get periods then the chances of failure of IVF treatment are high. Then you need to consult the doctor who is a fertility specialist. If you are looking for the fertility specialist then consult the IVF centre in Punjab.

    IVF centre in India

    If you are trying to conceive a baby and it’s been a year and you meet failures only and are thinking of giving a try to IVF treatment then India is the best place for you. Many couples come on medical tourism to get the treatment of IVF at cheaper rates.

    You must be wondering what are the tips of choosing an IVF centre mentioned below.

    IVF centres

    The fertility specialists in India are certified with ISO 9001 certification that you can check on their website as well as you can ask them to show you. After checking the certificate you should check the experience of the fertility specialist. You should also check the ratings, reviews, etc on their website. Remember good reviews are proof that the doctor is skilled and sent many patients back with the good news. The centres of IVF are classified in the following types mentioned below.

    • Some practitioners will be doing all the procedure alone.
    • There are small scale IVF centres with 8 specialists.
    • There will be large scale IVF centres having more than 20 specialists.
    • There will be centres providing you with donor and surrogacy services.

    IVF centres success rate

    The IVF centres success rates depending on multiple factors such as

    • The experience of the fertility specialist
    • The equipment is available in the centre for the IVF procedure.
    • The number of IVF cycles performed by the fertility specialist.
    • The age of the women.

    Measures taken by the doctors mentioned below

    • The doctor should wear laboratory clothes while doing the IVF procedure.
    • The doctor and the staff should be wearing non-toxic masks and gloves.
    • Eye and face protection is a must.
    • Usage of disposable materials should be there.
    • Sharp objects should be kept in special containers.

    Your reports will be confidential

    This is the responsibility of a doctor to handle the reports, gametes, embryos of the couple very carefully. In India, the IVF centres handle the information of the couple very carefully and keep it confidential because keeping their identity safe is the foremost step of a doctor.

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